Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What life is...

Life can be defined as...
Existence as in, flesh, rocks, atmospheric gasses, stars, space, air, animals...etc
Life as in "The breath of life" as in trees, plants, animals, bacteria...etc
Life as in situations like, being under stress, being late, being stuck, not having money, being in a fight, being in trouble, have no responsibility...etc

What a tricky thing it is to do, trying to explain that there is no you... I mean, if I could walk you into your brain, you'd find nothing but thoughts, memories, values, ideas about the meaning of things.. but there wouldn't be a being in there because the room its self makes the 'being'. You might even find a machine that processes the material world, uses language to create symbols that represent what is seen and done. This machine looks at other's and trys to label the person based on a pattern of behavior. But there still isn't a 'who' there.

Language makes seeing this a bit tricky. 'who' 'me' 'him' 'i' all are pointers, sign posts, references to something. but there isn't a who behind any of it. no one looks at a tree and calls it anything other than a who. Not even bacteria. Move forward on the scale of evolution and now there is the ability to break from instict and all of a sudden there is a 'who' beyond the label that points? nope. its all layers. Unique layers. yea. But the base is one with life. There isn't 'someone' behind any of it.

I've talked with religious people. Or spiritual people. Or whatever they may want to call themselves. And after a long talk there is this constant idea that the 'you' is from god. But thats like saying you 'are' god.

If you are honest at any level, you'll place aside your need for certainty, and your desire to be correct, and just look for yourself.

I don't wish to convince anyone. I really don't. Don't take my word for it. Just look. Unless you've looked, you have no argument. Just as if you've never checked to see if the world is flat, you have nothing worth saying.

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