Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thought-loop of Glory for Realizing Enlightenment

Being enlightened is awesome. This post is all about how to get you there as fast as possible. Ignore your expectations. They will only distract you.

You'll learn exactly what you need to do to see it by the end of this short post. BUT... you must read every single word from here till the end first. 

What do the word 'you' point to?

If you really think about it, it depends on what your actually saying.

For example, "I'm really tired".
'I' can be reffering to either the mind or body or both as being tired.

Another example, "I'm really smart!"
In this case 'I' refers to intellectual capacity of the brain.

"I'm very talented at soccer."
'I' refers to the mind and body's conditioning for a certain activity.

"I had a thought that was very pleasant."
In this case 'I' points to the brain (which is what is precisely what is having the thought) where the thought exists.

As you can see, the word 'I' points to something physical. With just a little bit of inspection you can follow 'I' to something physical and specific which makes any certain attribute possible.

"I'm strong!" = the muscles of the physical body have more capacity for force -- points to a physical state of being
"I'm bored." = there is a lack of stimulation in the mind and body -- points to an emotional state of being

I told you I'd tell you exactly what to do to see it... Just start to pay attention to whenever you say 'I'. Then trace it back to what makes that thing possible. I want you to try it now. 

Leave a question in the comments if you think you get stuck and I'll try to help you answer it. Make sure you give it 110% before asking me to help you. There is a very good chance you'll figure it out with enough time. The struggle makes you stronger. 


  1. What about ''I'm anxious''.There is feeling of fear in body and anxious thoughts in brain.But feeling is steel present.How to solve it?

  2. What is physically feeling and what is being felt?

  3. Physical feeling is very uncomfortable sensation in my body .what is being felt?anxiety

  4. yes, which physical counter parts make this sensation possible?

  5. I don't exactly know, maybe, body ?

  6. yes, exactly. So its not 'you' that feels anything, its the body that feels things. Right? Remember that your prime motivation should be to seek out the absolute truth to everything I'm asking you. You've got to be so confident in your answer you'd give that answer to someone pointing a loaded gun at your face while you cower on your knees... asking you the same questions. If they aren't true you fucking die. Thats how confident you've got to be about it. Not these "I think so..." answers. Thats never going to reavel truth to you.