Saturday, June 11, 2011

grasping - wanting - stimulation seeking

Another factor the ruins the state of humanity.

Its obviouse and its everywhere.

(its probably important to mention the assumption I'm operating through. My assumption is that the core to human shit isn't just one trigger. It does not rest upon one main cause but a collection of causes that contribute to the overall climate)

People eat more than is necessary (30% of the people in the united states alone are obese). They watch television shows full of negative dramatic scenarios from rich housewives living in orange county california to insecure teenagers with children showcasing thier miserable lives on MTV.

This isnt an identity glitch. This is a stimulation glitch.

After transcending the 'self' a few psychological habits are manifested and transcended automatically. At least for me they were.

The next thing that im seeing is how i can still be miserable and like it. I can still have emotions and motivations that harm others and myself. I still cannot behave in contrast to emotion and primarily on priniciple.

So whats the solution to this grasping for stimulation? Seeing no you and then just seeing. Only a liberated can understand this.

Zenning out as Ciaran put it.

Its gotta have its ying and yang though. However i did realize that running away from it is not the way to learn to manage it.

This zen state can actually be similar to creating a perpetually fueled car. While a person needs external stimulation as a reason to do anything.... that satisfaction is already generated from within. The intensity can be controlled as well like a valve. Its funny because when i do open that valve once in awhile the effect is close to giving water to a thirsty tree.

So anyways in theory once we are self fulfilled we can actually empower the mind incredibly. We can behave altruistically. Can do things without a selfish reason because there is no reason.

That is under the assumption that people do thing primarily for the emotional or sensory gratification.

Thinking about it... why do we do anything or work towards anything most of the time?
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