Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Step In Learning Socratic Method For Liberations

When your learning to do something new, especially one thing at a time, it helps to use just one principle a LOT until you get good at it before adding on another element.

Here is your 1st element.

Explain the rules and ONLY ask questions. Have self control and DON't explain ANYTHING.

Remember that we're not trying to spoon feed these people. That never works because they just savor it and let it drip out of their mouths... they are asleep after all, how can you expect them to chew and swallow?

Anyways, with that alone you can be a total cock and still liberate people within only a couple of hours.

I set a time limit and then send them away when that limit is crossed, especially after I've been circling the gate for a period of time.

At that point they've already been conditioned to making that circular trip and find it on their own if they hadn't found it with me.

Seriously, if you can't make this work with at least one the next three NEW people you work with then I don't know what to say, other than that's pretty fucking pathetic.

The point is to get a PURE liberation. You don't explain anything to them. You just lead them to the gate. You don't tell them where they are going. You let them draw their own conclusions.

And work with only ONE person at a time. Give them your FULL attention.

So to wrap up here what your doing:

  • Only ask questions - Don't explain anything but the rules of the interaction
  • Work with one person at a time. The moment 1 liberated is talking to a seeker the rules of the duelling ground apply. No one else can touch that or ask questions or explain anything for that seeker. 
  • Set a time frame for 2 hours maximum and make sure you hit the gate once after a few questions. If your into sales then its similar to going for the close over and over because sometimes you just don't know when they're ready. 
Whatever you do, DON'T say "There is no you." Just ask "Who owns it?" "Who's driving it?" "Who controls it?"

Sometimes you can first say "What controls/drives it?" so that they first establish a real understanding of the dynamics of life. Then you can hit them with "Who....w/e" so that they draw a blank.. they just see all these things at play and have no choice but to say "no one". 

They must believe what they see. So make sure you get them to have confidence in their answers. I tell my people to imagine that I have a fucking glock 27 pressed against their mother's face. And I'm asking these questions. if they answer with something that isn't true I'll blow her fucking brains away in his direction so he gets covered in the blood and cartilage. 

Now GO and report some liberations with this.. You're going to be THRLLED with how easy you find it when you give it some honest effort. 


  1. How have you been finding people who are interested in one on ones?

  2. I'm interested for fuck sakes! I've added you Nick. Talk to me dude.

  3. And if Nick is not available, I'd love to do it with you, Hicquodiam. Fuck it, we'll just do it asap if you're up for it. Will check back here for when and where.

  4. Cool man, just add me on facebook and message me:

  5. Hicquodiam I post my skype and blog URL in the forum. People just message me outright or they read my blog and then message me via skype.

    Once in awhile when someone posts something about meditation or some spiritual shit I give my take on it. Normally it impresses the other readers and they just start to message me without asking for that. I imagine that offering help would get people to message you more often. I've cracked 3-4 people with just one well placed thread to find quality seekers. Its very rewarding =)