Friday, July 1, 2011


whats up
[1:20:46 PM] Ola  : hey
[1:21:15 PM] Ola  : I've added you
[1:21:22 PM] Ola  : I read your blog
[1:22:05 PM] graffist448: hey
[1:22:08 PM] graffist448: cool
[1:22:14 PM] graffist448: yea
[1:22:26 PM] graffist448: how'd you like it?
[1:22:31 PM] graffist448: which post did you read exactly?
[1:22:46 PM] Ola  : I've read a couple
[1:23:06 PM] Ola  : the basics and the one where you posted your skype
[1:23:44 PM] Ola  : Ciaran menthioned you in a blog yesterday
[1:24:11 PM] Ola  : one of those blogs not intended for noob like myself
[1:24:17 PM] Ola  : I stop reading those
[1:24:25 PM] graffist448: haha
[1:24:31 PM] graffist448: which blog are you not intended for?
[1:24:35 PM] graffist448: ciarans? haha
[1:25:03 PM] Ola  : no, hehe, those that explains the how to enlighten others
[1:25:13 PM] graffist448: ohh
[1:25:29 PM] graffist448: lots of them require extrmely deep levels of thought
[1:25:37 PM] Ola  : actually I'm kinda sick reading blogs
[1:25:40 PM] Ola  : altogether
[1:25:50 PM] Ola  : just want it done
[1:25:55 PM] graffist448: yea
[1:25:59 PM] graffist448: I understand
[1:26:03 PM] graffist448: its gets frustrating
[1:26:09 PM] graffist448: I've been there
[1:26:19 PM] graffist448: have you read that book Ciaran put out?
[1:26:27 PM] Ola  : yes
[1:26:29 PM] graffist448: Brutal Beginnings
[1:26:48 PM] graffist448: yea I'm in there, the "Mind like a Robot" section
[1:27:31 PM] Ola  : what's your name? I have been looking for you on the arena a little bit
[1:27:40 PM] graffist448: on the forums
[1:27:44 PM] graffist448: its adiakritos
[1:27:48 PM] graffist448: in real life its Nick
[1:28:05 PM] Ola  : Hey Nick, yeah I remember that name
[1:28:09 PM] graffist448: whats your name?
[1:28:14 PM] Ola  : Ola
[1:28:17 PM] Ola  : Norwegian
[1:28:31 PM] graffist448: I used to know a kid in elementary school by that name
[1:28:57 PM] graffist448: we used to tease him because his named sounds like "hello" in spanish
[1:28:58 PM] graffist448: lol
[1:29:08 PM] Ola  : haha, I've been there
[1:29:15 PM] graffist448: =)
[1:29:15 PM] Ola  : not here though
[1:29:28 PM] graffist448: yea
[1:29:37 PM] Ola  : Ciaran is saying you are the shit
[1:29:48 PM] Ola  : well, your way at least
[1:30:16 PM] graffist448: its been interesting as far as results go
[1:30:29 PM] graffist448: pretty astonishing in a lot of cases
[1:30:35 PM] graffist448: would you like to start?
[1:30:43 PM] Ola  : let's do it
[1:30:47 PM] graffist448: ok cool
[1:31:12 PM] graffist448: you already know that I'm basically going to ask you many questions
[1:31:31 PM] Ola  : I haven't read too much about your method
[1:32:52 PM] graffist448: you have to take each one, no matter how easy it seems that you could answer it, and check again. Make sure your confident the answer you find is true. Imagine the people you love on their knees with a gun to their heads. See them crying and scared because they know that if you answer with something that isn't true they will all die
[1:32:58 PM] graffist448: that's how confident I want you to be
[1:33:01 PM] graffist448: ok?
[1:33:21 PM] Ola  : fuck
[1:33:24 PM] Ola  : ok
[1:33:31 PM] graffist448: good
[1:34:05 PM] graffist448: what influences thoughts?
[1:34:36 PM] graffist448: you can take your time as well. No need to rush.
[1:35:33 PM] Ola  : everything
[1:35:38 PM] Ola  : beliefs
[1:35:59 PM] Ola  : what the brain transmitts from the senses
[1:36:45 PM] Ola  : beliefs is the big one
[1:37:02 PM] Ola  : thoughts influence thoughts
[1:37:26 PM] graffist448: excellent
[1:37:50 PM] graffist448: keep going. keep expanding a little from there
[1:39:18 PM] Ola  : thoughts comes up after a reaction
[1:39:39 PM] Ola  : no
[1:39:41 PM] Ola  : wait
[1:40:44 PM] Ola  : it branches out
[1:40:59 PM] Ola  : it starts off somewhere
[1:41:06 PM] Ola  : maybe close to reality
[1:41:25 PM] Ola  : then it just goes rogue
[1:41:30 PM] graffist448: its ok
[1:41:41 PM] graffist448: give me one moment
[1:42:21 PM] graffist448: back
[1:42:37 PM] graffist448: ok
[1:43:02 PM] graffist448: erase "maybe" and "if" from your vocabulary for this session
[1:43:17 PM] Ola  : yes
[1:43:27 PM] graffist448: what influences beliefs?
[1:44:41 PM] Ola  : other people's beliefs
[1:45:04 PM] Ola  : thoughts
[1:45:52 PM] Ola  : this is difficult
[1:46:04 PM] graffist448: yea it is but its worth it
[1:46:15 PM] graffist448: keep going
[1:47:24 PM] Ola  : well
[1:47:50 PM] Ola  : I have a belief right now that I have to answer this really well
[1:48:45 PM] Ola  : what influences beliefs?
[1:48:54 PM] graffist448: yes, what else influences beliefs?
[1:49:28 PM] graffist448: when you said "people's beliefs" and "thoughts" you are on the right track
[1:50:39 PM] Ola  : when there are existing beliefs and you experience
[1:51:04 PM] Ola  : those experiences get filtered through those existed beliefs
[1:51:15 PM] Ola  : or they can alter or make new beliefs
[1:51:30 PM] graffist448: excellent!
[1:51:33 PM] graffist448: fantastic!
[1:51:43 PM] graffist448: You doing really well
[1:51:52 PM] Ola  : yuhuu
[1:52:47 PM] graffist448: What influences your self concept?
[1:53:41 PM] graffist448: Your doing pretty well, If you keep it up you'r loved ones won't have to get shot to death.
[1:54:59 PM] Ola  : thoughts are definately a big one. they are coming from a belief
[1:55:15 PM] Ola  : thoughts are always making noise
[1:55:33 PM] Ola  : and they are coming from a fucking belief
[1:55:36 PM] Ola  : hmm
[1:56:04 PM] Ola  : that's were they come from
[1:56:18 PM] Ola  : that's the base
[1:56:22 PM] graffist448: I'll throw something in for you to consider. Memories.
[1:58:14 PM] graffist448: so while you find out exatly what influences your self concept, you can be aware of memories
[1:59:54 PM] Ola  : memories
[2:01:19 PM] Ola  : points of reference
[2:02:45 PM] Ola  : "that's who I am", "I did this", "I'm awesome", "I failed that test, I'm shit"
[2:03:29 PM] Ola  : "I did that and what I did is what I'm capable of"
[2:03:51 PM] graffist448: good
[2:03:54 PM] graffist448: excellent
[2:04:38 PM] graffist448: where does all this stuff exist?
[2:04:59 PM] graffist448: that is :memories, thoughts, your self concept, beliefs...etc
[2:05:50 PM] Ola  : they exist in the brain
[2:06:13 PM] Ola  : do you want an answer from experiencing? that would be tougher
[2:06:27 PM] Ola  : they exist in the brain is just another thought
[2:07:05 PM] graffist448: regarding your reply "They exist in the brain".... is it true?
[2:09:06 PM] Ola  : I couldn't answer that
[2:09:10 PM] Ola  : wait
[2:09:45 PM] Ola  : they exist here and now in experiencing
[2:10:11 PM] Ola  : that's as close as I can get
[2:11:24 PM] graffist448: memories, thoughts, your self concept, beliefs... they exist in the brain? Is that true?
[2:11:34 PM] Ola  : no
[2:11:44 PM] Ola  : that's not true
[2:11:56 PM] graffist448: be very careful how you answer, there is a trigger to your love'd one's heads
[2:13:13 PM] Ola  : well fuck, it IS true. Experiencing itself is a product of the brain
[2:13:30 PM] Ola  : I see it
[2:13:45 PM] graffist448: explain
[2:14:27 PM] Ola  : a product of everything the brain interprets
[2:14:40 PM] Ola  : including thoughts
[2:14:52 PM] Ola  : and beliefs, memories
[2:15:04 PM] graffist448: what is
[2:15:09 PM] Ola  : interprets the vision
[2:15:13 PM] Ola  : the hearing
[2:15:16 PM] Ola  : smelling
[2:15:20 PM] Ola  : touching
[2:15:25 PM] Ola  : the whole lot
[2:15:38 PM] graffist448: what is
[2:16:12 PM] Ola  : what?
[2:17:23 PM] graffist448: what interprets the vision
[2:17:49 PM] Ola  : the brain
[2:18:06 PM] Ola  : no, that registers it
[2:18:41 PM] Ola  : thoughts, beliefs interprets
[2:19:00 PM] Ola  : although they are the brain also of course
[2:19:07 PM] Ola  : but they are add-ons
[2:19:16 PM] graffist448: what is experiencing its self as a product of the brain?
[2:20:25 PM] Ola  : there is nothing that is experiencing
[2:20:33 PM] Ola  : there is only a product of the brain
[2:20:53 PM] graffist448: what influences the brain?
[2:21:50 PM] graffist448: I'll be back in like 20 minutes. really expand on that question
[2:22:01 PM] graffist448: maybe less
[2:22:07 PM] Ola  : ok
[2:22:13 PM] graffist448: as in, i'll be back in maybe less thatn 20 minutes
[2:22:27 PM] Ola  : good stuff
[2:32:19 PM] Ola  : All that reality "does"
[2:32:48 PM] Ola  : no scratch that, "does" doesn't have to be there
[2:33:27 PM] Ola  : Everything that is reality influences the brain
[2:34:39 PM] Ola  : the brain registers a lot
[2:35:14 PM] Ola  : the brain registers as much as I'm experiencing
[2:35:47 PM] Ola  : then thoughts picks out bits and pieces
[2:38:15 PM] Ola  : brain registers, belief filter and thoughts arise
[2:41:39 PM] Ola  : the whole picture is seen, but what is concentrated on is just a tiny part
[2:41:48 PM] Ola  : that might not even exist
[2:42:38 PM] Ola  : it could just be something created
[2:43:07 PM] Ola  : created?
[2:44:31 PM] Ola  : thoughts about something unreal
[2:49:41 PM] Ola  : Everything influences the brain
[2:50:14 PM] Ola  : and the brain picks up what it can with the senses the body provides
[2:54:47 PM] Ola  : Exept
[2:55:04 PM] Ola  : it doesn't pick it up
[2:55:18 PM] Ola  : the brain doesn't pick it up
[2:55:35 PM] Ola  : it's automatic
[3:04:38 PM] graffist448: back
[3:04:40 PM] graffist448: sorry it took so long
[3:04:45 PM] graffist448: ok I'm now reading what you wrote
[3:06:06 PM] graffist448: WHOA! Thats perfect!
[3:06:21 PM] graffist448: Freaking Bravo!!
[3:06:28 PM] Ola  : haha thanks
[3:06:36 PM] graffist448: ok, next question.
[3:07:05 PM] graffist448: Who does the self concept and brain and body belong to?
[3:07:42 PM] graffist448: remeber your loved one's. You don't want to be the cause of their bloody death
[3:09:09 PM] Ola  : it doesn't belong to anyone
[3:09:19 PM] Ola  : why is that added there
[3:09:39 PM] graffist448: why is what added where
[3:09:48 PM] Ola  : no, I'm just thinking out loud
[3:10:15 PM] Ola  : why should the brain and the body belong to anyone
[3:10:30 PM] Ola  : that seems unnecessary
[3:10:43 PM] Ola  : and false
[3:10:48 PM] graffist448: what does "you" point to?
[3:12:50 PM] Ola  : that depends
[3:13:21 PM] Ola  : it can point to the body or the mind
[3:13:33 PM] Ola  : as in
[3:13:42 PM] Ola  : it's just a replacement word
[3:13:49 PM] graffist448: good
[3:14:12 PM] graffist448: how do your levels of clarity compare now to before we started this?
[3:14:52 PM] Ola  : it's clearer
[3:15:05 PM] Ola  : I have to think
[3:15:41 PM] graffist448: what thinks?
[3:17:49 PM] Ola  : it feels like I am thinking
[3:18:28 PM] graffist448: check again. now that glock is pointed at you. make sure you answer correctly
[3:18:56 PM] graffist448: with what is true*
[3:21:22 PM] Ola  : nobody is thinking
[3:21:35 PM] Ola  : I'm certain
[3:22:43 PM] graffist448: ok
[3:23:13 PM] graffist448: Now explain that to me
[3:23:20 PM] graffist448: how there is no one
[3:24:45 PM] Ola  : nobody is doing anything
[3:24:54 PM] Ola  : there is just thinking
[3:25:18 PM] Ola  : it's just the product of the brain
[3:25:52 PM] Ola  : working automatic
[3:26:55 PM] Ola  : the "I" is only a creation in thoughts
[3:27:34 PM] Ola  : it can be a replacement word
[3:27:43 PM] Ola  : in a practical sense
[3:27:59 PM] Ola  : but it's not something of it's own
[3:28:06 PM] Ola  : it's just nothing
[3:28:26 PM] graffist448: :)
[3:29:37 PM] graffist448: Ahh yesssss.. I love these words you speak. Just speak your mind my friend.
[3:31:06 PM] Ola  : no, it hasn't clicked
[3:31:31 PM] graffist448: what do you mean
[3:31:40 PM] Ola  : I have no idea
[3:31:46 PM] graffist448: lol
[3:31:49 PM] Ola  : I don't feel I'm there
[3:32:17 PM] graffist448: take a look at your memories
[3:32:25 PM] graffist448: actually
[3:32:36 PM] graffist448: listen to the voice in your own head
[3:32:52 PM] graffist448: what is speaking?
[3:34:00 PM] Ola  : nothing
[3:34:12 PM] Ola  : nothing is speaking
[3:34:24 PM] Ola  : there is just speaking
[3:34:28 PM] Ola  : it can't be controlled
[3:34:37 PM] Ola  : can't be contained
[3:34:48 PM] graffist448: is that true?
[3:35:05 PM] Ola  : yes
[3:37:07 PM] graffist448: what makes it possible to think?
[3:37:21 PM] graffist448: in other words.. what thinks?
[3:37:58 PM] Ola  : the brain thinks
[3:38:00 PM] Ola  : effortlessly
[3:38:09 PM] graffist448: good
[3:39:26 PM] graffist448: I think, therefore I am.
[3:39:35 PM] graffist448: Tell me how you see that statement
[3:39:51 PM] graffist448: either validate it if its true, or correct it if its wrong
[3:40:23 PM] Ola  : There's no I who thinks
[3:40:44 PM] Ola  : it's completely wrong
[3:41:14 PM] Ola  : or you can say I is the brain
[3:41:31 PM] Ola  : brain thinks, therefore brain is
[3:41:57 PM] Ola  : but since the brain is doing it effortlessly
[3:42:28 PM] Ola  : it's not DOING it
[3:42:48 PM] Ola  : thinking, therefore being
[3:43:22 PM] graffist448: negate the thoughts. then what?
[3:43:51 PM] Ola  : nothing therefore nothing
[3:43:54 PM] Ola  : or just
[3:43:55 PM] Ola  : ...
[3:44:54 PM] Ola  : ^nothing
[3:45:46 PM] Ola  : no thoughts?
[3:46:13 PM] graffist448: without thoughts, does the brain still exist?
[3:46:38 PM] Ola  : of course
[3:47:08 PM] graffist448: is that 100% true?
[3:47:53 PM] Ola  : yes
[3:48:02 PM] Ola  : absolutely
[3:48:26 PM] graffist448: "I think, therefore I am" - re-evaluate that statement if the above is true
[3:49:20 PM] Ola  : being
[3:49:42 PM] Ola  : that's it
[3:49:45 PM] Ola  : being
[3:50:05 PM] graffist448: explain
[3:50:31 PM] Ola  : cut out the unnecessary and the false
[3:51:01 PM] Ola  : there's no one who thinks and no one who is
[3:51:16 PM] Ola  : thinking isn't needed for being
[3:51:26 PM] Ola  : I mean a tree still is
[3:51:32 PM] Ola  : it doesn't have to think
[3:51:49 PM] Ola  : I don't have to think
[3:51:54 PM] Ola  : for that tree to be
[3:54:16 PM] graffist448: I have to go
[3:54:20 PM] graffist448: You've done fantastic
[3:54:22 PM] Ola  : ok
[3:54:28 PM] graffist448: I'm going to post this convo on my blog
[3:54:31 PM] Ola  : I have a lot to sink in
[3:54:32 PM] graffist448: is that ok?
[3:54:43 PM] Ola  : yeah, I want to cut out my last name though
[3:54:57 PM] graffist448: ok I'll save it and cut that out, then post it
[3:55:16 PM] Ola  : cool
[3:55:20 PM] Ola  : that's fine

would love to talk to you again in a couple of days
[6/30/2011 3:56:10 PM] graffist448: ok sounds good. speak soon. my family is rushing me
[6/30/2011 3:56:12 PM] graffist448: lol
[6/30/2011 3:56:21 PM] graffist448: let me know if the big picture dawns on you
[6/30/2011 3:56:33 PM] Ola : yes, bye dude
[6/30/2011 3:56:36 PM] Ola : thannks!
[6/30/2011 3:57:19 PM] graffist448: no prob!
[6/30/2011 3:57:20 PM] graffist448: =)

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