Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Liberation of my Brother

Today I spent about 3-4 hours with my brother to show him this.

I haven't done this in literally a year or longer, so I was pretty rusty, although I'm glad I was...

I was using my usual method to lead him down the path, although this time, because I hadn't even thought about all these things in so long I would spend more time formulating my questions than actually listening to his answers.

After awhile, I let him simply just freely explore these thoughts. I'd say "Just keep looking until you're confident in an answer". No need to say "IF YOU HAD A GUN TO YOUR HEAD... " lol

Then of course, I'd ask him if he was totally sure of an answer if I could see he was just throwing out an answer, just because it was the logical answer, and not because he was sure by 'checking'.

What was particularly interesting about what happened was that I poked around beliefs for a long time before moving on to focus on identity.

The result was that he realized nothing has any meaning. He realized the source of all the mind's content as just the nature of life... like an absorption of a persons environments.

I asked him that famous question, "Who drives the mind?" and a torrent of words came out - "What?! No one the balbhalbhalbha..." I didn't hear the rest because I was so shocked he just spit it out so easily.

Although, this didn't result, as far as what I could see and understand, in felt oneness with being.

That was the goal for me, after all.

So then, I began to move toward connecting that understanding of the source of the mind content to identity, and still, no cigar.

Finally, at this point his brain was pretty much fried, and we were both tired, so we couldn't finish...

But then I stopped asking questions and just spoke plainly, which may or may not have been a mistake...

I told him about how memories exist with the content, in the present, with the body, and everything else that exists.

That the past and the present exist only as content in the mind. I tried to point this out to finally draw his attention into the now... although I don't know where that left him.

I'm hoping that he'll see it. I'm confident he will because his mind is gnawing hard on getting this last piece realized.

The strange thing about it is that normally the entire illusion is destroyed the moment they see that they aren't.

This time, it seems that most of that happened with the awareness of beliefs and meaning.

I sent him away to try and free his friends because I know that freeing other people is the best way to solidify this.

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