Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Truth About Enlightenment - The "How To's" and "What Not To's"

Most people are simply utterly confused. To the point where they'll spend literally years either chasing enlightenment or thinking they are enlightened.

Thinking you are enlightened is probably the worst thing in the world. Lots of people who follow Eckhart Tolle may not claim to be enlightened but with all the extra concepts and ideas floating around in their heads... I'd say that its more like a trap in perpetual 'suffering' than actually snowballing towards enlightenment.

Unfortunately its about 100% harder to become enlightened when there are many 'concepts' floating around in your head. Its just not the nature of enlightenment. It never will be. You'll never 'get it' like you would a puzzle. It doesn't happen like that.

Then there are the people who spend 10 years doing all kinds of spiritual meditation, thinking they are actually doing something spiritual. I really fell bad for these people because they'll spend those 10 years of their life asleep with only bits and pieces of the big picture.

Hopefully if they are humble in nature they'd not go around prancing these insights. You find people doing that when they study under some teacher. I'm not speaking against them, they can't help it. Its just part of a natural process that occurs. I'm sure that 1, they don't realize it and 2, they didn't choose to be like that.

When someone is able to actually break free from that cycle. From that trap that eludes nearly everyone submerged in it. You can enjoy real enlightenment. Again, its a process as well. So there are times when you feel lost, and there are times when you feel total bliss.

However, that fluctuates at the beginning and then gets even more intense is your clarity of the big picture. Of life. You realize something that is scary to accept. But once its accepted as the truth that it is, there is just a 'rebuilding' period. This is like rebuilding your psyche without the old problems that were causing your unnecessary human suffering. I'm not saying there is no more human suffering because if I took a machete and killed your family and friends with it, you experience some suffering.

Nothing changes but your perception of that big picture. And then over time your life may change in small ways. Maybe there are some people who you realize are totally lost and unhealthy to be around. If you don't really have to be around them you'll fall away from them naturally. You'll gravitate towards authentic healthy people. At least, that is my experience. You might realize that the things you wanted in life aren't desirable anymore. Part of the 'rebuilding' period may make some things desirable again, but for different reasons.

After a few years of stumbling around with Tolle' and becoming one of those people who tout my knowledge and insight I ran into the humble beginnings of Ruthless Truth. I was sucked in and my ego was beating to death. For some reason I just could not let go. My grip was on this like steel. After a week I was free. After that I went through that natural process.

 At first, actually, its more like tearing down old concepts and beliefs with a giant welding torch. It was amazing how just being aware of illusions would incinerate them so quickly to reveal the truth behind it. THAT was the snowball of insight. It was AFTER liberation. Then when I listened to Tolle it was like STEROIDS of insight.

After almost a year of this and helping other people come to liberation I found that doing its Tolle's way, doing it RT's way in the forums, or doing it the ancient way of meditating weren't as effective. RT's way is still like lightening speed in comparison with the rest. I've found something pretty darn effective as well.

Basically the less you think you know the better. All I have to do is ask you a series of questions until you 'pop'. This avoids creating silly concepts to define, and it makes the whole process extremely fast. its as close to literally walking your hand all the way into the light. The more brave you are in facing a scary truth the smoother the process is.

 The more honest you are with finding answers that are 100% true, the easier and smoother it will be. I've been able to crack people out in as little as 1-2 hours. I've already posted a bunch of quotes from people thanking me and even some of those conversations in this blog and on the forum. I don't really feel the need to quote them anymore or even continue saving them because I KNOW it works.

If you'd like me to do the same for you, and hold your hand all the way through, just skype me at graffist448.

I take pleasure in spending those few hours in showing you truths about the universe until you really see it. Every time someone starts seeing its like I've cracked someone's shell and I almost feel like I've given birth to a brother or sister. Because from that point on they will never see things the same ever again.

If you don't want to skype me, of if I'm not available because I"m busy liberating other's you can check out the forum and have one of the liberators in there work with you. Chances are you'll get like 3-4 because we are all so eager to help you see the truth. We don't ever press ideas on you. Ever. We just try to help you see.

Speak soon! =)

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