Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ego's obnoxious existence and the usefulness of thought


Its now really obviouse to me what mr.ecky talked about. So allow me to steal his thunder and articulate what may be extremely similar to what he explained.

Btw this is not meant to liberate anyone. This article is for the free only. I dont mean to be discriminating but its probably next to impossible to really understand this till your liberated.

So if your not yet liberated message me on skype @ graffist448 and we'll work on it together. You should be free anywhere between 1 hour and 1 week. Probably within the 1-3 hour mark if your brain isnt filled with ideas you picked up from either the forum or elsewhere.


So before liberation and the process after it we were generally trying to answer and live up to this idea we had created.

I realized its totally subconscious and is usually suggested from everywherefuckingwhere. The question is simple and is the source of the human psychological glitch.

"Who am I?"

This question is from what im able to see at least part of the source of human suffering.

Once the mind is able to realize there is no one directing the brain... that the brain isnt owned by anyone... there is liberation.

Then the malfunctioning thought proccesses end.

After that thoughts can be very useful. The brain is a tool that can be used to accomplish things. To manipulate emotions, beliefs, paradigms...etc

Certain thoughts and ideas increase or decrease the probability towards a certain circumstance. Otherwise know as common sense (normally hampered by egoic thought and emotional processes).

Yes, it is easy to now see the nature of thoughts within the existence of the univerese. Now it can be used to get something.

Assuming you want a thriving life youll have to realize that the humanities state of existence is the sum of its individual parts (people).

Weak. This is weak shallow looking. A mere perephial observation.

Human are a force of nature. We are part of nature. We are nature. But like a plant thats growing out of control. Partially evolved from being a weed and a blossoming flower. It chokes its self out as it spreads and grows stronger.

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