Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Just Look: there is no 'you'

You cannot read this through, and consume it like a normal article. It is an active how to thing. Actually consider the answers to the questions. And above all, don't believe me. Find out for yourself if what is said is true.. in In Real Life.

Freedom from selfishness, from attachment to all things...
Peace and total completeness today...
Deep understanding of human nature and your own....
Ability to be truly compassionate for human kind and life....

These are some of the things that have been ever deepening for me.

It comes from a simple realization. The realization that there is no 'you'. No ego. No self.

How do you realize this?

Its very simple really. It takes a certain type of looking.

 Let me ask you some simple questions to get to help you understand how to 'look'. Is there skin on your body? Is it true? How do you know?

Are you sitting, laying down, or standing.. is it true? Is it true? Is it 100% true?

Can you see these words? Can you read them?

As you can see, I'm pointing you to what is. By pointing you to what is I've done nothing but direct your attention to something. There is no transfer of ideas or concepts. It is what it is.. Am I wrong?

Ok good. Now lets do the same thing when you look at "who you are".

Its the same process. This time you'll find that 'who you are' exists as thoughts. You must think about it. There for they are thoughts.

You might even recall memories or your life's stories to support the idea you have of who you are.

What else could there be? The family name, the roles you might play as father, son mother, daughter, friend, student, teacher, leader, follower, girlfriend, boyfriend...etc

The knowledge you possess or maybe the achievements to say "I'm a Champion, Lawyer, Doctor.."

Maybe skills and talents...

Maybe hobbies or interests....

You might even find that these things aren't you. If you've been strong enough, you may have realized these things aren't you.

So your left to just whatever I may have not mentioned, which can still be looked at.

Whats left is a body and a brain. Remember, we are focusing on 'no self'. On no 'who'.

But who owns 'your' brain? Or 'your' body? Is there anyone behind these things?

If your story exists as memory, which is recall of events that is both imperfect and subject to some kind of interpretation, then who you are clearly isn't in your story.

There isn't anyone behind the awareness of any of these things either. Is there? Check and see.

There is just the awareness. No you to be aware.
There is just the knowing. No you to know anything.
There is just the learning, no you to learn.
There is just the knowledge, roles, virtures. But there is no one behind any of these things.

There isn't anyone behind anything. Just look and see. Everything is as it is. Everything thats exists, exists. Just not you in any way other than an idea or cluster of ideas.

This idea's abilit to gather evidence to support it is called 'self esteem'. If the environment isn't prone to supporting it, a person may have low self esteem.

There is no self to esteem. Look and see. Do it now.

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