Friday, November 12, 2010

In Perspective

Life is a game. Play it. As long  as you've found the treasure thats where your at at all times, life is just a game you play out.

The years go by and you've watched others live like roller coasters struggling to keep what they've gained, changing their views to be happy in the present situation or pushing to live with more privilege thinking thats success, happiness. while instead you smoothly sailed by in peace, despite all that.

You sailed all the way to your dying day in peace, watching the people alluded into thinking they are towers who fall hard, watching them crack and live with regret. Watching them fight to defend the idea they have about 'who they are'. Fighting to feel like good people. Fighting to have more, feel more, experience more. Fighting to help others to feel good.

While you sailed by, giving life like water, as still as can be, serving because its good to do in its self, but not as a means to feel good......

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