Sunday, December 12, 2010

There is no Soul

To share with you some insight, there is no soul.

If a soul is what you are, and what the soul is is energy in what your saying, your actually pointing at something that is the same in all things that are.

The energy that allows for a flower or a bird to exist is the same energy that allows for you to be as well. So essentially you are the flower and the bird.

If you want to get more flowery in rhetoric then you could actually say there is one soul, and your soul is mine.

Everything is one soul. One energy, one existence.

With that said, the 'you' you are looking for might actually just be everything that is. So in essence, there is no you. Just everything that is.

No matter what, there could never be a you. Its totally fictional. Its literally impossible for there to actually be a 'you'. impossible.

the only way there could be a 'you' was if there was just one thing that existed. Which, according to scientific threory, everything started as one tiny dense ball of matter about the size of a pen's ball point. If you come from that ball point, how could you ever be separate from that? You couldn't.

Here is some more food for thought.

If this world never actually learns to coexist, we may either kill ourselves and the planet we live on, or (and this is an extremely far fetches 'or') we may never allocate all our resources to get the fuck off this planet before the sun expandes in a few million years from now.

When that happens, and every single thing on this planet is vaporized, either from nuclear explosions and H bombs, or from the sun's gases, what the fuck do you think it will matter if you think there is a soul or not?

Every little concern of yours will be vaporized along with everything else. Every legacy of every man will be forgotten, and every war, revolt, crusade, death, abortion, rape, salvation... every single thing that exists in our memories and in our history books and on this planet will be fucking GONE.

From this perspective you may very well see that there is no fucking you. There wouldn't be the awareness in your head, and the cognitive ability to place any complex meaning on it either.  There would just be what is. And there would be nothing good nor bad. There would be nothing but what is.

Lets come back down to now. Its the same thing. Only whats precious here is life. Life as in organic living matter. We are that. Still made from the same soul as stars and rocks and gasses and trees and kanjaroos, fish and humans.

See this and you will be free. You can then let your mind fixate on what is most important for harmony among humans and the planet. Also, you will become part of a movement that does not just let humans survive among each other but one day THRIVE among each other.

See that every little worry of yours can be vaporized along with your legacy. Every bit of knowledge, talent, skill, habit, value, friend, foe, worry, fear, acheivement, experience, memory...etc

There was a birth. it was labeled something other than Noiro-Sirhc but refers to the same matter. later the ability to label and understand the world around it, the ability to recognize patterns... that mind grasped on an assumption that locked it within its own intellect. That is the assumption that there is a 'you' that is separate from what is.

No you, just what is.

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  1. This is good, mate - but you're sliding off focus.

    You CAN'T go around saying "There is no soul."

    I know what you mean - that this "you" thing hovering behind reality doesn't exist, and that is basically how mainstream Christianity talks about the soul.

    Fine, ok, sure. I get you.

    Other people WON'T. You have to watch this shit, man, you have to watch it. If you write something like "there is no soul" you are just opening the door to lazy, slack-minded people to indulge in bullshit metaphysical speculation as opposed to being honest and just looking, just once.

    So watch that - I've already had people ambush me with this. You can read the conversation here on my blog:

    Also, look mate - there's no you. But is there a soul? I think you could put a case for that. I wouldn't dismiss it. I'm generally speaking loathe to dismiss things unless I've looked into them.

    So yeah, just watch how you're pitching this - you're right to want to get a serious BAM title that grabs attention - but make sure you don't get you or us (or more importantly, me) bogged down in out there philosophical/spiritual speculation.

    It rots the teeth.

    Still, I was pleasantly surprised to read this (if that's not too patronising a thing to say) cos apart from that terminology issue, you're getting much stronger, this is cool.

    I want you looking at this new work I'm putting out - Faith. It takes this to a new and deeper level, it's very strong, it'll help you.

    Here's that link:

    Interesting chat with Alex Treasure in the comments as well.. I was mean.