Monday, December 6, 2010

United World

I recently heard in a rolling stone article Jacob Applebaum say that if google wanted to take over a country they could do it with ease. He said something about how they have so much information and such an incredible means of attaining it that they could practically read you mind, in real time.

I thought, how special we really are. First there are people who understand people so well they can appear to accurately "read" a persons mind. Now there is a company who monopolizes information and can predict the real time thoughts of millions of people.

Thats just peachy.

But why should i be worried? The world is surely filled with benevolent, honest people who arent still seeking to step on others in a vapid march to feel powerful. Instead the world is filled with people who desire to serve with their power.

Better yet, the world is filled with people who dont have any sense of self. They dont subscribe to any one or anything but prinicple and truth.

If only the above statements were true.

If someone knew how to make it true, do you think they might go about sharing this possibility? I do. The thing is, i do... know how... to make this a reality. But this claim is akin to a proclaiming the world is round to a highly superstitous generation.

The sad part of it is that today even, people are still superstitous. They have lucky charms, believe in ghosts, speak in tongues, make prophecies, believe in peusdo science...etc

Why do people lock away logic? Reason is a virtue and every person truely concerned with truth writes it in their hearts.

To what extent must we be seeking through? Will we nuke our imaginations from the idea thats formed around the assumption that there is someone behind the human experience.

This is the message, the realization that, if recognized by a large enough number of people, would change the world. I am scared to look at the world in the state that its in and feel that we'll have to reach a breaking point that has the potential either whip out the human species along with our cohinhabitants or force us into a higher level of existence.

Its time that i write a legitimate article. It will be full of references to other "spiritual teachers"
And plenty of psychology to back what im saying.

I wont waste this life. I cant. I cant be reduced to being a sheep seeking pleasure and blindly letting injustice prevail. I dont want to use my free time playing games and seeking temporary stimation all the time while polititions abuse their powers and masses of people fail to question the motives and stories of their authorities.

The change im looking for is The change that i live by now.this change is based on reason and truth. No more fucking fary tales. Its time we all grow up or die.
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