Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thinking for yourself and The Power of the Light

Interesting. Its amazing what thinking for yourself will do. Especially challenging the assumptions that govern the barrings of our realities for the purpose of maturing into the realization of things in an objective way, thinking critically... etc The result of these kinds of habits of honesty is having others trapped in subjective worlds of self disillusion hear the kinds of insight and say "Holy Moly! He's so wise! Feed me! Feed me!"

Something I noticed about what most of what is taught in church isn't progressive. Its a never ending shifting of paradigms. This creates the illusion of learning but no real change takes place. In or outside the church people are doing this everywhere.

The issue is two fold. One, there is the lack of confidence in the ability to think for ones self. And two, there is the lack in honesty necessary to effectively gain new and solid insight by challenging old assumptions and building upon measurable and predictable facts versus belief.

Going on a tangent, what I've been able to gather regarding the true nature of any man is dependent on one fundamental thing. It is essentially the quality of their soul. And it is this: if any one person has built their life on the core purpose of moving away from pain and into pleasure or contentment, no matter what they do, the gross motivations for their life will be self seek driven. But, if the core of any one person is based on a love for others, the gross motivations of their life would be in service to others.

The ability to discover reality relies on an ability to be brutally honest about all things. discerning whether some things are truly knowable and others aren't and building upon what is %100 knowable.

Seeing reality and the fundamentally selfish person does one thing. It renders him immobile. All motivations for his life vanish, as he has found the ultimate pleasure in existence which is to know truth. As a result he has effectively died a human.

But, for the person who realizes truth and who's core is geared towards loving humanity, the consequences are again two fold. One, he has the pleasure of being in the truth, and two his life is suddenly filled with a never ending opportunity to help humanity. He realizes the capacity the truth has to help humanity. As a result, he find no choice but to live and die for humanity, armed with the truth. His compassion is unlimited, his wisdom is eternal, his perception is perfect.

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