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Conversation With a Christian



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on it


how do i know you?

lol i'm not sure...
just about to check that out lol

looks like its from church

you go to calvary sawgrass?

used to
like two years ago
used to be like the most charismatic christian in that place
now I'm a mix of atheist, nihilist, buddhit, hippie LOL

oh well i worked at HW and was really tight with nicole
oh really?
why is that?

cuz well,
I started to find 'truths' behind the things I was experiencing
like first it was worship
I studied hypnosis
and inadvertantly learned how and why what was happening was happening
I could psychologically explain what I was experiencing
which takes the whole super natural thing out of the miz
and then I just kept doing that

and this was much better than the love and mercy Jesus has to offer you>

if I can explain the experience scientifically, it removes credit from the super natural
and faith in god comes from experiencing the super natural
thats where his credibility comes from
the unexplainable
the effect without a cause

so you've solved all the unexplainable about GOd with scientific experiment?

not necessarily
I'm talking about things like speaking in tongues
where the sense of fulfillment comes from
how beliefs work
why being in a church is so important
why his commands make sense biologically
at some point
at first I was like "This is a system that god has put in place, and look how wonderfully it works"
and then I saw that the same system is present in other religions
and other communities

i completely disagree

thats fine.

Gods system is one based on love and compassion, a system of mercy where it doesn't matter what you do or what you've done, where its all based on Jesus and His sacrifce
i know of no other religion or community that based on that kind of love

I'm not talking about that
I'm talking about a system that meets human needs
the concepts or morals can be different
but the fundamental biological needs, and psyhological needs

it sounds like you've got a whole lot of big terms and no substance behind any of it
(sorry for the harsh honesty)
(i'm not good at being gentle)

the thing is
its a lot of little details
but I'd be happy to go into depth if you'd like me to

thats what i like about the Lord
its simple

would you like me to explain?

Jesus and Him crucified, and if you ever truly experienced Him, there's no way you could have ever turned away from Him
or maybe you've turned away, but you'll be back

I used to speak in tongues

He's faithful and He loves you

I used to believe in prophecies
I used to preach to the kids at school
I used to be so on fire for god
that I was to hot for even my church friends

all of those things are just works...

I basically was isolated for being so in love with god
no woman, I did these things from the heart
I was led to cry broken down every night because of my sins
I used to dream of heaven
and watch the clouds and cry
because I felt the lord precesnse
Every thought used to be a prayer
I made my thinking, habitual thinking
all praryer
it was like my brain never stopped praying
its mental dialogue was ongoing prayers
I took this as far as I could
I would shake (like have a low tremble) of energy when I'd willingly speak to my classes about jesus
I'd cry out of fear that my family would burn in hell for not beleiving
can you honestly tell me that I didn't believe?

I know what the Bible says to be true....that once you've tasted and seen that the Lord is good, there's no turning back
so if all those things are true, then you're just working on your testimony <3 and you'll be back to the Maker of Heaven and Earth

maybe I will be
I just don't see God as I would have before
I can't
I rely on what is already fundamentally true and objective to lead me
much of what I've found come full circle
back to the bible
in many ways, but mostly morally speaking
as far as miracles are concerned, not so much

then you don't fully realize the power of God

have you quesioned what God physically is?
what he could be
a being with those attributes?

i've had quite a bit of questioning my faith...I'm actually good friends with my philosophy professor and we talk all the time about these sorts of things
and everytime i walk away, i remind myself that i understood everything about God, He would cease to be God
and that without God, everything is left to man's interpretation
and if there is no God, then nihilism is definitely the only other alternative

the thing is
nihilism is very objective
where as belief in god is subjective

okay so this question might be a bit far out there...but if you believe in nihilism why haven't you killed yourself?

because I don't necessarily subscribe to everything it would say
I've read a sucicide note from some dude who was nihilistic
and he's brilliant take bits and pieces of what works for you


its like a buffet of religions and beliefs
you said yourself, your atheist, nihilist, a little bit of buddhist, something like that

thats ebcause I see similarities in everything
its like
I see the otherside of everything
like neo in the matrix
its crazy

what about the contradictions?

there are none
which is even more mental
as in 'mind blowing'

no contradictions between buddhism and atheism?

I haven't studied them exclusively
any of them
with the exception of Christianity take bits and pieces of what you like

erm... I haven't really read much at all
its mostly from my own seeing of things
I can tell you that honestly
if it were not true I'd digress are depending on man's interpretations
your own interpretations

objective sight
even that

"its mostly from my own seeing of things"


sounds pretty subjective to me

is 1 + 1 =3?
or 2


is that subjective?
or objective

nope...its objective, because the laws of mathematics are truths, whether we believe them or not

so can you agree that objective truth is true no matter what we think?


well thats how I think
Also, I don't just say something is true, even if it's got lots of evidence behind it
its more of a probability
either high or low
and as far as God is concerned, its a really low probability, from an objective standpoint
not imporssible
just highly improbable

disagree again
and honestly nick, i could go into arguments for Gods existence
but i've learned that no one will ever be argued into loving the Lord
so no matter where else this conversation leads, it will never be about my argument
if (and when) you return to the Lord, it is because His grace is sufficient for you
and because His love compels you to let go of your doubts and your intellect and trust in something so much greater than yourself

let go of my intellect?
is intellect what holds me back?

not intellect

so I should just follow blindly?

but the perception that intellect supersedes the notion of God
you should never follow blindly


continue to research, continue to look

give me 5 objective reasons to believe in god

but the Lord says, if you seek Him, you will find Him


no, i won't

thats called beind biased

and not because i can't, but because i know it will do nothing for you spiritually

what does spiritually mean?

you want me to answer that question, so you can break down my argument one by one

what is spiritual?
thats because its not objective
its to easy to pick apart

spiritual in the sense of your spiritual connection to God

what is that?
what could that possibly mean

i just said what it was
your connection to in the Spirit v. living in the flesh

what is spiritual? what is the spirit?
a feeling?


how do you now of it?
do you sense it?

it is the eternal part of you

what is eternal?
objectively speaking
I can't deal with anything other than what is objective

not restricted by time

like what
the life span of a cell? Living Organism? Eco system?
Star, planet

nope all of those are restricted by time

solar system, galaxy, contesllation, universe?

time is a dimension that the physical world is limited to

so what

so our soul is not limited to the dimension of time
ps you sound very bitter

what is the soul?

(you forgot to say objectively)

you know it

it is the part of us that is eternal, that connects us to God, that sets us apart from animals

what is it

its immaterial

so its made of nothing

okay you believe in just the physical?

I'd put my money on it

so emotions are....chemicals?

what else could they be?
without nerves
how could you sense them?

without any of the nuerological systems in the mind and body
If the thinking keeps going from there
I reach a point where life has no meaning
and thats the empirical truth, whether I want to accept that or not
and from there I'm free to assign whatever meaning I want to life

so why not kill yourself?

that requires a belief system

oh so you have no belief system?

I can choose
the meaning

that sounds subjective to me

it is

what happened to your objective obsession

subjectivity has its place in everything

hmmmm interesting

it still exists in the objective world

can i be completely honest with you?


it sounds like you're being taken for a whirlwind of so called "intellect", a strong device of the enemy
again, the Lord loves you
so I implore you to seek Him

hold on

life has plenty of meaning

love and reason

no, Jesus and living your life for Him
again, I know i'm not going to convince you
it will only be through His spirit
i have to go
but its been a pleasure talking to you
know that you are now in my prayers, and I hope you will one day soon come back to a true belief of love of the Lord

if its not objective, its subjective


by logic
everything you just said
is subjective

doesn't subjectivity have its place in everything? (:
(not saying its subjective, but if it is...)

for hope
against all odds
its a probability thing

nahh, its a God thing (:


well i really have to run
have a great night

you too
Amanda is offline.

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