Monday, April 4, 2011

The Socratic Method

which part, the act of producing emotions etc?

like, what is the soul connected to

The brain
I think im running out of steam bro

I gotta run. I'll be back homie

did i do ok? that hour and a half went quickly

yea you did great

cool :)

we're like 90% of the way through

we may aswell complete it now then

if you wish

i do

sensations are recognized from where

the body, processed through the brain

what about emotions

the soul

so the soul plays a function with emotions
yes or no


how does the self concept tie in with the brain, the soul and everything there-in

well the soul is like the foundation of your 'self' which is funneled through the brain and then projected through your self concept

if you can go into more detail there that would fantastic

The soul produces the basic emotions which are produced from a basic level of interaction, your surroundings etc. The brain takes these and filters it through your memories and references, which is in then projected through your self concept in an 'acceptable' form of allowing yourself to be perceived and the actions you undertake

what triggers emotions?

the brain when it filters what is happening in the 'now' through your memories

what about if someone is about to stab you in the face

Well i believe that to be part of the human primal instinct to recognise danger etc, so im not sure if it part of the brain or part of something more

with a sharp, long, worn and rusted pitch fork, and its about 2cm from your eye

the fear would come from within regardless of your brain

what is required to percieve the danger?

a sense of presence

which physiological parts make that sense possible?

the body and the brain

is it you thinking the thought, just the thought, or the thinker thinking the thought

the thinker thinking the thought

what is the thinker

the conciousness of the brain? i find it hard to put into words

its ok
keep hitting it

Its like a parallel existance, the thinker, and your 'self

stay rooted in physiological nature
derive your observations from what is 100% true

well the thinker is thinking and im observing what is happening if that makes sense? but then i take that as what to do and roll with it

its ok to not know something.
or to be unsure
just throwing that out there


what is the thinker

the part of my brain that takes all the processed information and decides what action i should undertake

so is it safe to say there is no 'you'?

Perhaps being you are always being told what to do by the thinker and this isnt a true projection of yourself

what is 'yourself"

basically everything you do externally

what is 'you'

An image projected by the thinker externally

what are the things that make up this projected 'you'

My interactions with others, the way i dress and feel i should look, pretty much everything on a social level, and also things like ambitions and achievements

what else

How i perceived to deal with emotions
* i am

I think therefore I am. Is this true or not.

if you think about what the thinker is thinking, if you get my drift
if you acknowledge it

try to explaing that another way

If you acknowledge that there is a part of your brain that is doing all the decision making and influencing what it feels to be best for future events, then yes, but if you are just following the thinker you are never truly free, because you cannot truly perceive things clearly

what is 'you'

the part of the brain that observes the decision making

who is following the thinker


I mean, who is. who is following

I am because i'm not even aware of its existence
once you become aware of it you can choose to just observe your thoughts

what is 'you'?

the unencumbered part of the brain free of the burden of having to filter events through the memories

is that you, or is it as it is

I dont know how to put it into words



who's awarness?
answer honestly
try not to throw something out like a blind shot
if you can't be 100% sure just say so

i am not sure

keep looking. Let me know when you get tired.
your at the peak my friend

I dont know if its a deeper level of my brain or something to do with my soul, but I feel that its a pure source of thought

who's pure source of thought?

ok this might sound stupid

lol its ok

It doesnt belong to anyone

that is exactly correct

I found it really hard to say that man

thats the breaking point
is it true?
it does seem to be now ive thought about it

You've got it man. Keep digging
tell me what you see
whats going through you rmind

Theres nothing behind it
its like, its just there
is it true?

welcome to enlightenment
how do you feel?
I dont feel anything
my mind is very clear
the thinker has fucked off
I have to go
enjoy yourself
ok mate
thank you seriouslu
your very welcome

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