Saturday, June 4, 2011

There Is No Soul, There Is No Meaning To Life, Christians Don't Exist, Your Selfish As FUCK

Yes. The title is true. Every part of it.


Before you start to analyze everything. Before you start to retreat into your noggin to try and formulate a position in context with these statements.... consider this.

Your references for reality have come from all different kinds of places. And yet you might feel certain about what you think.

Yet, there is no way to REALLY know for sure that what you think is true. That is, if its something that is made up of many variables. Like some argument supporting or attacking whether or not a soul exists. What the hell I mean by Christians not existing. How you could possibly be a selfish person or where meaning come from in life.

Lets take a step back for a freakin second and consider a few things.

Look at your hands and trace a wrinkle as far as you can. The follow some of the branching wrinkles. Do it now.


Now consider this. What makes thoughts possible? The brain. There is no argument about that.

The voice that literally thinks about everything. That voice that you say is you. Thats just the brain doing its thing. Functioning. What if you chose to disbelieve every single word? Try it now.

Whats left?

Nothing. For me, its almost as if my ears get filled with the air and sound around me. Thats awareness.

Where does a self concept exist?



If thoughts stop what is there?


When I find the time I will try and experiment. For now tell me. Tell me please... who does the self concept belong to if its just an accumulation of thoughts about observations regarding the brain, habits, circumstances, personality traits, values...etc of the human the brain is enclosed in?



Who owns the thoughts?

Who directs the brain?


Is it true?

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