Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ego and It's Ties to Body Hair

This is probably going to be a very shit post. It might be a golden. It's not meant for liberating people. It's not even meant to find the core mechanism to human shittiness.

I'm a hairy guy. My arms grow very puffy hair. and over the years I've always been known as a guy who's grows hair like a bear.

The other day I ask my father to trim my neck and my back. The thing is, I've got hair that grows in my shoulders and goes all the way down to my fore arms. When I asked him to trim my shoulders he trimmed all the way down to my elbow. I normally only trim down to where my shirt sleeve ends lest it looks like I wear glove of hair on my for my entire fore arm. It just looks weird.

So with that, I decided to trim both my arms for the first time in my life.

In the first moments of seeing the bare skin on my arms it felt almost surreal. I had this strange sense that I was a kid again. That I was in middle school, staring at my arms, and discovering myself. I noticed I have many freckles on my arms. The moment I saw my own bare skin it was like an emotional program had be triggered and ran in my brain. Like "Click, Whirrrr."

Anyways. None of that is the point. Sorry for the dispair.

The point is that I had a feeling of loss inside. As if something inside me had literally died.

Do you see?

The psychological ties this bain had created around this physical attribute. It caused caused a sick feeling in my stomach. The kind you feel like when you know you'll never ever see your friend again because he's died. I'm not even kidding.

But my elite spidy awareness of the ego and its ties with my body are fine tuned. Ok, that sounds way cooler than it actually is. lol Writing hype is to easy.

Anyways, that was an interesting experience.

Here's another one.

A few years ago I noticed a extraordinarily long hair on my shin. Yes, I've got very hairy legs, as you can imagine. So this long hair, this ONE long hair has always amused me especially when I'm bored and sitting around, I can just brush my leg hair and out it will stick out. I'll then remeasure it see if it's grown from time to time.

Today, I did the same thing. I brushed my shin and my old faithful long weird hair stuck out. I measured him again. I tugged at him. I never noticed how I had a slight emotional attachment to this hair. As stupid as it sounds. As childish as it seems. This long hair made is something unique to me. I even feel slightly proud if it because I show it to whomever happens to be around me. "Look at this long hair on my leg! Isn't that cool?!"

Today, I ripped him out.

I ripped him out because I wanted to have that expereince again. That childish micro turmoil that comes with a severed ego.

This hair, a physical attribute, was again tied to this structure that apparently still exists in my psyche.

There is still emotional ties with these insignificant things for whatever reason.

This bugs me. Because it's as irrational as the way people associate themselves with each other should they be forced to focus on similar attributes. For example, a study was done when a group of random people were to look around the room for people with their same eye color. Then the people in the room were told they were to form groups and were free to group up with anyone they chose to. They had free choice.

Can you guess what happened?

They grouped up with the people who had their same eye color. They took a liking to others based on these similar traits they were forced to focus on.

The same experiment can be repeated using different attributes.

I'm not sure how this even ties in to my hair anecdote. But my point is that these irrational behaviors inspire a lot of curiosity in me.

Is there a faulty mechanism at the core of this? Or is it simply an un-evolved part of human psychology?

I won't jump to conclusions however I'd form my hypothesis around the latter. Simply because humans don't evolve the way computers do. We're like this because everything that has passed has led up to this. Thanks to  mother Chaos.

So, maybe this article WILL tie into the workings of human shittiness.

What human shittiness is is an under developed program. Or rather, an outdated one. So, humans aren't broken. We're just dated. And naturally we evolve. It's not like we're below 0.

In terms of evolution, can our effort accelerate psychological evolution?

Where ever we're at before exerting that effort, we at 0 and never below it. As soon as we make an effort to evolve we start to move up wards.  Because how could someone be minus their potential? Their potential is their potential. A person's evolved state is where it is. It's potential may decrease over time. But there is still a sky above where ever they are at.

Is there a ceiling to our own psychological development?

What is a '10' in psychological development? What would it be like? What kind of impact would it have on our global tribe?

I was thinking a few days ago.. what would it be like for a human if there actually were world peace. If human had finally perfected living together. Surely, nothing would be impossible for us. But lets say that every human on earth could be fed. Every human loves their neighbor. Every human has shelter. Every human is protected from changes in the whether. No human ever needs to go to war, or learn to use a weapon on another human.

What if we didn't even need to work to eat? Didn't need to work to have ANY of our biological needs met.

What would this global society be like?

There seems to be only two kinds of people in the world. Those that consume as a sole purpose of life by chasing stimulation. And those that produce that stimulation. Even those producers are stimulating themselves.

My point is. At what would  the ideal global society be like in every aspect?

This is the idea of heaven. But what if we all shared the same concept? Would be be able to more readily work towards a heaven on earth?

Could a majority of people on earth ever agree with this ideal, and work together to work towards it?

I'm getting distracted. Back to what I was saying...

What is people no longer had anything to fight for. Anything to work for. Anything to strive for. What would we do then?

Would everyone just be virtuous stimulation junkies?

I'm done free writing. I was supposed to watch a movie with my little sister. Now it's 12am. Great!

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