Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting Over Heart Ache | Two Realities

The more I observe, the more clear it becomes.

We navigate the world through a virtual reality.

What I mean is, there is the reality within the mind, and outer physical reality.

This is huge though. Its deceptively simple.

Everything exists in the present moment. Yet for example, I was just laying here in bed thinking about an ex-girl friend. I was getting anxious, angry, depressed and sad with each different thought and memory.

And yet, in the present moment, I am physically ok. The situation I'm in is perfectly fine.

It's these racing thoughts that cause an inner disruption of emotion. It's this pseudo-inner reality trying to make projections about the real outer world that cause me stress when there is no reason to.

Then after about an hour the thoughts wander off on to a totally random subject and the body no longer experiences the stress of the 'heart-ache' thoughts.

Isn't this interesting?

States of consciousness are an incredible phenomena.

The thing is, I've got to continually remember that the present moment is where fulfillment really is. I've got to remember that this is where life exists. Where everything is happening. There is no completeness or completeness in a thought or pseudo fantasy land of the mind. There is only longing to be in some other reality other than the present.

I've heard all these things before, however, after experiencing it the true meaning of the words are apparent.

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