Monday, July 1, 2013

The voices in your head

Yea, they exist. Not only do they exist but these voices have your accent and your expressions. They sound like you. But really it's not you. The very voices in your head that you think are simply you thinking is actually the same mechanism that every other human has. The only difference is that it has your voice. Any time you're assessing whether something is true or not, whether you agree or not, whether something is right/wrong, good/bad, whether something fits into your present understanding of things...etc This is not your, but the machine.

Any time your searching for meaning... this is also the machine.

When your girlfriend doesn't respond back the way you expect, when your boss uses a certain tone of voice that worries you, when your mom/dad says something that is absurd...etc these things only affect you when the machine is controlling you.

Become present to the machine, and you'll be present always. Notice the nature of the stories - they aren't true. Your childhood traumas, the things your parents said to you, the relationships that fell apart, the praise you could never live up to...etc it's all meaningless.

Any event can be interpreted in a positive or negative light, and this direct someone in wildly differnt directions. Therefore it's not the events in your life that shape you but the meaning you give to them. These events are inherently meaningless until you give meaning to them.

With this knowledge, this awareness, you can be free of the past every second and remain present.

Within every moment anything is possible. Without the constraints of the past you can see a future that would never even be imaginable otherwise.

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