Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gaining Power In Your Life

Lately I've been learning an immense about becoming a powerful person in my life. About fulfilling on what's important to me, and getting rid of all the wasteful thinking that occurs in my mind.

One of the realizations I had was that there are two kinds of trains of thought we can be on regarding anything in life. We're either on the couch or in the field.

These are two very different places to be, and we have a choice to be in one other the other.

The metaphor goes like this:

There is a war going on. Some conflict overseas. All kinds of things are happening. Things get blown up. Politicians make decisions...etc

When your on the couch, your watching it happen and you have an opinion about it. You talk about it with your friends and family. The new reporters and critics talk about it, and your in the conversation at home 'about' the conflict.

The conversation is totally different when your in the field. When your in the field, there is an objective to be accomplished. The conversation isn't around opinions. It's around what is so and what needs to be done.

If you find yourself complaining or having an opinion about something, notice how it makes you feel, and recognize whether your on the couch or in the field. The field is where things happen, and it's where there is a direct influence on what will be so in the future. There is only power, influence, when you change your conversation from the couch to being in the field.

Take a look at where you're complaining about things that you don't like. Decide whether you want to continue being on the couch, or if you will choose to be in the field, and make a difference with action.

Either choice is ok. There's nothing wrong with choosing to stay on the couch. It doesn't make you bad or wrong as a person.

The difference, however, is that once you're aware of where you're standing in terms of these two paradigms, you have a choice where a choice wasn't visible before. 

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