Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christianity - Draft overview

Here is what's coming for this post....

The double sided sword of reason and truth cannot penetrate the heart of the phantom perpetuated by the fear of man. Only courage and honesty make it possible to see in the dark of fear; to find nothing there to threaten him and therefore unlock the capacity to truly know God. 

Faith is the worst possible use of mental energy
The bible is an extremely biased encyclopedia for Christ
Sin means to miss the mark
Holy Spirit is satori
Jesus was a Buddha
God is the personified formless life of everything that is now
Heaven is the planet seeing truth
Hell is the planet living in delusion
The devil is the assumption
Demons are the devils cousins
Death is an illusion
Courage and Reason leads to Honesty
Honesty and Focus leads to Enlightenment
Enlightenment is the shit…. 

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