Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life Not Worth Living

This pisses me off so badly........

Person: You can be a leader of men.
  You should start a cult.
 me: nope
 Person: You have that ability.
 me: enlightenment is not in need of a cult broskie
  I bet I do
  but I don't want to
  don't need to
  I have a 'network' lol
  if you want to call that a cult
8:54 PM Person: 'enlightenment' does nothing for me.
 me: if it fits at all by definition
  maybe because your not enlightened
 Person: Nick.
  What if
 me: I'm listening
 Person: I was just a brain in a jar in some paralelle universe.
  and this was all my own fabrication
  the entire universe.
8:55 PM A matrix of the mind?
 me: I don't get it
 Person: I can not prove it to be true.
  Nor can you prove it to be false.
  If it were real.
  It chages nothing.
8:56 PM Because I exist in this worlds perspective.
  If I woke up in the other world.
  I would be in that perspective.
  Either way
  asking the question does nothing.
  Its more valuable to pursue science.
8:57 PM Provable things.
  To better truely understand the universe we are in.
 me: I agree
  whats that have to do with what I'm talking about
8:58 PM look.
  science helps pave an understanding of the world with reason
  which is exactly
 Person: You are making what you are talking aboutspecial, when in fact it is not.
 me: what people should be using
 Person: There is a self.
 me: there is a reason it is special
8:59 PM no
  there is no ego
 Person: There is no spirit.
 me: ego is an illusion
  there is no soul
  no spiri
 Person: Why are you so surprised by this?
 me: I'm not
  its not about knowledge
  of this fact
9:00 PM even if there were
 Person: Well this is what you are 'enlightened' to.
 me: it would make no difference
  I can see you are in some way trying to get where I get the idea that what I see is special
  there is a reason it is special
 Person: And that is?
9:01 PM me: its the ultimatum of the virtue nonattachment
  its the source of true fulfillment
  some people call it "pure" self esteem
  but thats inaccurate
  because there is no self to esteem
9:02 PM Person: again Nick. There is a self.
  Get your semantics right.
  You are yourself.
  It is a matter of reference.
  There is no spirit.
  There is no soul.
  There is a self.
9:03 PM I am my self.
 me: no self. ego, I
 Person: you are your self
 me: no
  let me articulate
  insults are what
  why are they meaningful?
  in truth
  they aren't
 Person: They arent
 me: they are totally void
9:04 PM Person: That doesn't change the reference of the self.
 me: ego
  no ego
  ego = illusion
 Person: Nick.
  You need to learn about semantics.
 me: if you want to refer self to physical body and cognitive shit then fine
  but all that is one with everything else
 Person: and physchology :P real pysch not the bs they taught at BC
 me: there isn't anyone driving any of it
9:05 PM it just is
  there isn't anyone inside your brain
 Person: cognitive function is what drives the body
 me: or your body
 Person: That is the self
 me: ok
 Person: The self dies forever when the mind does.
 me: stop for a second
  science is about testing
  and forming a hypothesis
  and testing it
  retesting it
  you can push these ideas around all you want
9:06 PM but until you get down to testing your hypothesis
  its just that
  a hypothesi
  the only thing
 Person: I can prove higher cognitive ability
  I can label it self.
 me: it just is what it is
  its like studying
 Person: You need to call Atheist Experience next sunday
9:07 PM me: someone having a stroke
  versus having a stroke
 Person: Id love to hear what they have to say
 me: have yoruself a stroke
 Person: theyd probably be just as confused as what you are trying to get at
 me: You want to know why this is special
  I told you why
9:08 PM now what exactly are you getting at
  science is going to do that for you?
 Person: I'm getting at you are dangerously close to pseudoscience
 me: give you fulfillment and naturall cause you to be unattached to all things?
 Person: Yup
 me: great
  show me
9:09 PM Person: My life goal is to understand all things
 me: show me how science will rid people of the illusion of ego
 Person: the way to do this is via science
  ego is real
 me: no
 Person: psych 101
 me: it is an assumption
  the assumption is real
  living through an assumption
  isn't exactly the best way to go about life
 Person: even if the self still exists .
9:10 PM me: just say the mind
  self implies many things
 Person: and again if i concide more, what does it do for me?
 me: what?
 Person: it tells me nothing new about the world I live in.
 me: say that again?
  its not going to magically do anything for anyone
9:11 PM Person: Thats the way you are making it out to be
 me: no
  its no magical
  its not special
 Person: like its something so special the 'enlightenment'
 me: liberation
  is a better word for it
  can be another
9:12 PM Person: I realized all this shit when I was like 15
  wasn't that thrilled by it
  i was just like oh
 me: your not thrilled
 Person: same with santa not being real
  oh that makes sense
  moving on
 me: by the fact that your past is only memories, that there isn't a reason to be bound by them.
  as in
  your story
  does not define
  or have to anyway
9:13 PM that
  this realization
 Person: the past and future exist
 me: no
 Person: Its called spacetime
 me: yea
 Person: they can be traveled tp
 me: what the hell does that do for anyone?
 Person: time can be manipularted
 me: it doesn't undo the holocoust
  it doesnt' avoid a catastrpohy
 Person: that does quite a bit in fact lol
 me: it doesn't even prove the self
  I mean
 Person: its the core to quantum machinacics which is at work everyday in computer chips
9:14 PM me: so what
 Person: so it works
 me: does it do any of the things I mentioned?
 Person: It doesn't need to
 me: then who cares
 Person: because its real
 me: who cares?
  its not going to raise the dead
  its not going to avoid desasters
  at least not right now
9:15 PM its not going to free people of thier 'mistakes'
 Person: I could care less about that
 me: its not going to end wars
 Person: Im more concerned with moving technology forward
 me: you don't care?
  you would rather let the world burn
 Person: Yup
 me: as you watch computers advance?
 Person: Yes.
 me: wow
  thats it then
 Person: "I am become death, the destoryer of worlds."
9:16 PM me: who said that?
 Person: The man who made the atomic bomb.
  They knew it could be used to wipe out the entire planet.
 me: you've reached the realization, as I have, that no matter what, its all insignificant anyways
 Person: But they made it for the sake of making it.
 me: am I wrong?
 Person: No.
9:17 PM My life is significant
  Because its mine.
  and I only have a limited time
 me: your fuckin deluded. I'm done with this conversation Person.
  I'm sorry
  your not deluded
 Person: lol
 me: you have no compassion for humanity
 Person: None.
 me: goodbye.

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