Monday, November 22, 2010

Ogranic Computers

I'm sitting here thinging about how since there is no self, it becomes easy to assume so due to the possesive nature of the english language.
It would make more sense to say "there is hunger" or " the stomach is empty". If there was an artificial intelligence installed to a ship the engineers might not of thought to have the ai say "my enegy storage is high" or "my doors are sealed." Instead it would probably say something closer to "the energy storages are high" or "the doors are sealed."  The ai is an intelligence onboard a ship. The ship would then, depending on the type and model, have certain capabilities the ai may have control over. It uses its measuring devices and triggers as its percieving consciousness.

How are human different from this model besides being organic? Besides have a different set of alarms and ability to make sense of what comes in through these mode of stimulation or sensory, how could we differ from this model?

I don't see any difference. We are fundamentally the same.

So when I start to speak in a more precise way that would, in my hypothesis, keep the percieving conscioucness in check, there should be less confusion and "monkey lost in head" syndrom. The same syndrom that has been plaguing humanity for thousands of years. The same captor of reason and birth of idiotic faiths that rang from a spectrum of fairies and ghosts to angels and gods.

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