Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sharpening you sword

Dont do drugs. Seriously. If you can avoid them then dont do them.

Do things that are good for you if you want to function properly and efficiently. My brain goes to shit when i do drugs. Hard exercise, eating healthy, meditation and serving others is a fantastic way of life.

I sat here feeling slightly depressed, more like gloomy and not totally awake. The mind loves getting its teeth into an issue so its important to have that true nonattatchment. Otherwise the mind starts digging into solving your true concerns. If you have no seriously inherent concerns your mind will go blank and you'll bliss out in satori like what the expectations are of enlightgenment.

If you think you are someone then the mind relentlessly diggs into actualizing its self through any means possible.

if your free and you see the worlds populations core reason for self destructive behavior... really see it... the mind will then have but one obviouse path to take. The answer must be spread by any means (there is no self).

Now, just cause your enlightened does not mean you are automatically going to be the best at managing the cognitive processes in the mind. Sure, youll start getting better at it but the same level of engaugment it took to become enlightened is the same when your trying to learn anything. Its truth, objective perception, mixed with action in the case of making something happen.

Seeing truth doesnt change much of anything. Its the actions that take place after that things begin to change.

But truth isnt my primary mode of seeing yet. Its something that needs to be pushed. The mind has its habitual reactions. Old assumptions still plague the mind like religious values. The only way to combat this is to stare at truth. Fucking stare at facts. It must be written in your heart and penetrait to the very fabric of your exisitence. This must be pushed lest i stumble. I am a baby to truth and im growing. I assume that within a few years ill have really gotten a grip on this.

Satori really does nothing for anyone. I think its just a kind of natural overload of the reward receptors in the mind. Its fantastic to know that this is a default way of feeling. The most core nature. At least, this feeling is associated with truth, and thats great. But this is not the pupose of seeing truth.

The purpose is to force rastional thought into human kind and evolve as a species into a coexisiting one and not a plauge to ourselves and the planet.

Love is the core of it all. Rational love. This is truth.

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