Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love to blog about my passions. Really... i do. Its so esay to do. I can produce tons of content with such little time.

So yea it seems like it would be a nice way to make a lot of money. Maybe not a lot but a tiny trickel of income to pay my hosting.

However its a funny thing creating content for a blog. Especially one on enlightenment. Its funny because its not clever. Its not even research but experience.

And what makes that interesting is that experience described is like unfamiliar smells described.

Enlightenment is such a cool thing. Its like nuking the dirt on an old fish tank wall after years of buildup. Only because thoughts (water) still flows within the tank has to be kept clean. And when left unchecked that dirt can build up again.

But when that first break of light beams through a person can really know what love is. They know what heaven is like and they can answer age old questions or let go totally of ideas or questions that they now realize are totally silly. Totally childish. Completely missing the point to what is reality. Like not doing something because its considered a sin or acting based on superstition. The things we do or dont do that cause us suffering when our actual life circumstance in that moment are serene.

Remeber that greek mythologal story about the inventor who was locked in a tower with his son? He made wings out of wax and warned his son not to fly to close to the sun. Having a superfluous ego is flying close to the sun. But see the tragedy from the perspective of the unknowing. The rest of the world is unmoved. Life goes. on.

His death is no more significant than a chicken getting smashed by a car. Tragic, yes. But life goes on. The lesson is in the pudding though. The boy didnt kill himself. His idea of self... the thing that thought this ability to fly his own... that is what killed him.

Nothing that is done from talent or skill belongs to anyone. There is no real possesion. Just temporary shifting of matter and things that happen. But to chase an experience because of what it means about you... this is the root of all evil. It caused the boy to fly too close go the sun. Think abojt your own life where you do things to feel good. Maybe you dress up really nice... maybe you like to share knowledge so you aquire it... maybe you help people feel good... maybe you become the best at what you do... maybe you have lots of power or can make people laugh. Maybe you have the power to go to war to maintain global status and build the praise of your peers.
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