Wednesday, November 24, 2010

labels of who

Just realized how people will label a persons character sayibg things "shes so selfish, touchy, angry...ect" or even say something like " she CAN be touchy, angry, silly....ect."
This misses the point. The truth, or rather the deeper truth, is that this person carries and idea that manifests these behaviors or is simple reacting through learned or habitual behaviors.

So instead of simply chalking a person up with trying define how they are its better to consider the source. So the next time someone tries to attack you verbally you can have compassion, knowing the deeper issues that cause a person to behave.

In social psychology it is scientifically proven that the situation is much strong than the person. Studies like the milgram experiment on conformity and obedience and the zimbardo prison experiment reveal how weak people are to the situation they are placed in.

In some places in india it is a learned habit to consider a persons situation or circumstances to understand their destructive or negative behavior.

People are incredibly predictable. As long as you know the arcitecture of this idea they hold about who they are you can create a situation to suit the reactions you want from people. The best of sales is anchored in this truth.

This is why i call this whole enlightenment thing "liberation" instead. Because when you are able to see truth and be 100% honest you can then become liberated from the rat race of life. The race of self seeking through the myriad of circumstances of life. You become free from what you think society labels you. Your free of the story you thought made you. Your free of what your family and friends label you. you realize them as labels for the things that are witnessed. There is no "you" to label but acutally a pattern of behavior. A set of habits. A talent or skill.
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