Monday, January 3, 2011

The REAL path

"being on your path" is total bs.
there is no path
ultimately cause there isn't a desitination
cause in essence, we aren't really going anywhere
I dunno man
habits, ideas, situations, roles, all the shit changes
It's kinda like a road with no ending
none of it is constant, or everlasting, or even significant
Like the neverending story, you're never gonna reach the "ultimate" goal
but you're still heading somewhere
Tyler said it well when he said "the end result is anti-climatic
That is so true
the process of change may be happening
but when the process is "complete" whats next?
is that supposed to be bring happiness?
its bs
this moment is the only moment
It brings a feeling of accomplishment
but that feeling is not something one should rely on to be happy
yeah, and that lasts about 4 times as long as an orgasm
so people are chasing feelings then
haha but we all work sooo hard to get laid, don't we :P
on a journey to an emotion
I guess so
Its more like we're working hard to get the emotion that getting laid would bring. What it would mean about us
I work really hard to accomplish a lot of different stuff, but in the end I don't know WHY I do it, do I
for the emotion
It might be because deep down I think I'll be happier that way, social conditioning or whatever, or simply because I want to
I agree, we do everything to feel better or just different
In truth, down to the depths of every human's being, we don't want anything but what the mind claims to desire. The body cannot tell the difference between what it sees objectively and what is imagined
That is true
So, really, if we simply had our food, shelter and family to protect each other
we should be perfectly happy
just keeping the harmony
THAT should be every human's 'purpose' if the purpose is to thrive
For some reason we always seem to want "more"
yeah, thats why people are so fucked up
Yeah, but I think there's different layers of "fucked up" if you know what I mean. On one hand you have the guy that wants more just because that's what he's learned
He fully believes that if he can only get this or that done, he will finally be happe
if you think about it, what if all these ideas of power and prestige, importance or significance.. what if all that were erased. What if people didn't strive for stimulation like sex or drugs, or do nice things to feel good... What if they did what must be done to keep the harmony, despite of how it feels... this would would be a different place
Do you think it would be a better place?
hell yea
thats the essnes of doing what you want other to do for you
thats the essence of honor, valor, sacrifice..etc
these are things that seem to be so far fetched
to me at least
I agree, but I just don't think we work that way, unfortunatly
well, we could.
I'm sure there are times when people have, at some place in some time
I mean, I would like to say that I'd sacrifice myself for something, but I probably wouldn't do that tbh
depends what for
and why
if you realized, to your core
a truth
something that is solid
and it would set people free
or bring justice
and it permeated through every fiber of your being
you'd find no other option
but to do what you don't want to do
and I'm not talking about a belief that was handed to you
or something that was taught
but like, say jesus were really just a man. Not a god of any kind.
Obviously never been in that situation, but I don't think I would ever do anything that would end my life
but like, say Jesus really was just some dude. He realized a cancer the the human psyche and tried to share it with everyone
I think that some people would meditate on that
and some would find no other choice
no other 'path'
but to spend their days telling people about it, trying to free them
or help them
and its not what people are into today
there's not self help invovled here
I've seen a lot of people finding what they claim to be the "truth" and try to shove it down other peoples throat
Not saying that's what jesus or buddah or anyone did
I just don't think there's any devine or great "truth" behind everything
yeah me neither
I do sort of believe in god though
but I do see something that would scare the fuck out of most people. And its nothingness lol
the great divnity people seek is actually a grand nothingness. Thats what I see
and its hard not to see
it doesn't need to be taught
its more like the destruction of self, to the point of being "an empty vessle"
but thats just what I see
Can't say I really understand what you mean
the funny thing is
where do you see it?
its not something to learn
try this
just for kicks
if you want to
like instead of a divine power, do you see just nothing?
Bruce Lee saw it
Its the essenece of what Buddha talked about
its exactly what the Tao te Ching describes
but the starting place is realizing there is no you.. in real life, in this moment
toy with that, and try to distinguish what your seeing what is thought
that's an interesting thought
but it's getting way to late for me to dwell on deep shit like that

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