Friday, February 18, 2011

centeredness and human shittiness

I just read ciarans new blog post and it brought up one thing i had realized and wrote about. Then another thing that really intrigued me.

First thing - zenning out helps with gaining perspective and realigning clarity.

Second thing - the human pain vs. pleasure motivation is the core of human shittiness because it prevails liberation

Ill read the rest of his post later when theres more time but for now i dont wang to forget these thoughts.

Regarding the first thing... ive felt more and more that retaining zen like clarity while in motion is what helps in keeping a persons actions effective. This is like a huge *duh* moment for me cause eky's power of now book is mostly on moving into that kind of motion zen state.

As for human shitiness im floored. This is some serious shit right there that feels like ive sort of peripherially known. Its the whole point of being "emptied" in a way.

Im writing this on a whim as i walk so ill come back and edit.
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