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The Confusion of the Spirit of God

Music and Emotions

This is a beautiful song among others. But I think the genre is just one that creates these feelings of grandness, reverence...etc especially when a person closes their eyes and sings along to the song while imagining something powerful to worship.

There are thousands of songs like this out there. Here is another one.. A very famous one which people really react to powerfully.

Like an incredible work of art, there is the capacity to feel the same way with secular music should the music be engineered to sound similar and this, evoke the same kinds of emotions.

Here is a close example. If one were to close their eyes a similar feeling could be evoked. Obviously one would argue that the feelings aren't the same. Thats because they aren't the same genre. One is inspired through the act of worship. The other is inspired through the emotional expression of faithfulness.

If one were to close their eyes, and imagine singing to a person who loves them just the way they are, unconditionally, this song would indeed produce the same kinds of emotions as the two previous songs.

Elements of Worship
The elements of worship create a powerful experience for those who have geared their minds into believing something. If there is a stage, lights, and music, have a large crowd of people singing along...etc the experience is very powerful.

I recently had the experience of witnessing my own nonsensical chatter, that is, the voice of the creative hemisphere of my brain. I was able to witness this through meditation. The same night I was also able to witness the logical side of my brain.

When those two sides are in sync, a person is usually doing something like creating music, and is very finely focused on something. The result is a feeling of peace.

These powerful emotions evoked through music or a dynamic speaker are mistake for the movement of the spirit of God. And the sensations of deep inner peace come from the synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Naturally Occurring Hypnotic Inductions in Church Experience

Another element people aren't aware of is the power of the natural hypnotic inductions that are happening in a church environment. Virtually ALL of the hypnotic principles I've ever read about are in some way in action in a church environment. This is in addition to Social Psychological Principles which are very powerful as well.

  • Pacing and leading
    • This is where the preacher is able to pace what the audience is going through. Much like a cold reader they naturally induce the powerful feeling that people get when they say things like "That message was for me! Thats exactly what I needed to hear!" or "God was speaking to me through that message!"
    • Also, think of all the times you are experiencing something unique to the church or worship experience and the preacher says something like "I can feel the spirit of God moving tonight!"... or something to that effect. He probably believes what he's saying.. but you can see how this paces what people are experiencing (notice how it can be a very wide range of unique feelings he's pacing) and leads them to believe it is God (leading.. or otherwise known as Suggesting that it is God).
    • People are somewhat limited to what they are capable of experiencing as human beings. This is why a lot of what we are experiencing is similar if not the same as what hundreds of thousands of other people are experiencing. This is what is called a "market". And there are many people doing what they can to profit from these markets who have a sense of urgency and a high level of discontent. These are the most profitable markets to dominate. 
  • Primers
    • These are groups of words that dance around one theme and evoke an emotion or overall 'tone' of a writing or speech.
    • For example if I say.. blue, buoyant, boat, water, wet, ocean, sea, salt, sand..etc there is an all encompassing tendency to thing of things that have to do with the ocean or the beach. Its common sense, but most don't realize the effect this has in Christian songs and conversations. 
  • Social pressure to conform
    • This is a very powerful social psychological principal at work. 
    • There is a principle that describes the idea of "Going along to get along." which is what many religious people do in order to maintain acceptance from the others in the church.
    • But there is a point where some of these people are forced to believe what they are going along with to avoid the constant feeling of cognitive dissonance. This is what a person feels when they aren't believing or doing what they believe they should be doing or believing. 
  • Repetition
    • "When people repeatedly concentrate their attention on a certain idea or outcome, it tends to be realized. Repetition becomes the driving force behind suggestions. This has created the rule of thumb in hypnosis known as hypnotic triple - make the suggestion at least three times to accumulate the effect. " [Ledochowski, The Deep Trance Training Manuel, pg. 5]
    • The thing with church is that suggestions are made hundreds of times over the course of just a few days. 
  • Pleasure/pain principle
    • As a rule of thumb, humans seek to gain pleasure and avoid pain. 
    • This is usually what people try to do in sales.. that is to create a need in a person and provide a solution. Generally speaking, people tend to want a magic pill, a get quick solution to their problems. As a result they will believe all kinds of things in an attempt to stop the pain. 
  • Congruence: Personal power and belief
    • "Every thought or feeling that you have will manifest itself behaviorally in some way. The unconscious mind picks up these manifestations and takes them into account when responding to communications. It is essential, therefore, that you send congruent messages to augement the power of your suggestion. Georte Estabrooks (1943) states that subjects will absolutely not actualize the effects of the suggestion that the hypnotist does not believe will work. It is vital therefore, that you make sure you absolutely believe" [1]
    • Its simple... as the dynamic speaker for the company Real Social Dynamics say "The stronger reality wins!"
    • Think about how this plays out in daily life. In all forums of persuasion or argument. 
    • This, however, DOES NOT mean that there isn't a reality to be seen. That there isn't a truth a false. 

The Six Human Needs That Church Pampers

I got these six human needs from Tony Robbins at a convention I went to from him.
  • Certainty
    • You will soon see that there is a certainty in the following 5 human needs. Read though this and it might make sense to you. It can be tricky though.
  • Uncertainty
    • Will someone be healed today? Will there be a prophecy? The preacher might come up with surprising stories of shock, humor, something that might be learned...etc
  • Significance
    • If you have your church friends on facebook, you might be one of those people, or witness those people posting bible verses which a whole bunch of those strongest believers will "like". 
    • When the strongest believe is able to live up to the Christian standards for some time they invariably become what is called "self righteous". They end up looking down on others who don't live up to the same standards.
    • When there is a group speaking and each person somewhat debates to have the most insightful thing to say. Or the most profound. Or to be the most humble, or the most of whatever virtue is most admirable. 
    • There are dozens of other examples but these are just a couple.
    • In regards to purpose
      •  all of a sudden there is a reason to live.. to serve god. There is a meaning to thier lives. 
      • This was the main thing for me when I had become deeply indoctrinated for 2 years. At the beginning (age 14) I had realized my life would pass away and the memory of my life would be gone with it. But if I were to believe in god my life and who I was would be remembered for eternity.  
  • Love/connection
    • People go to church to find friends or girlfriends or spouses. People are lonely so when they are accepted by the main church group they are destined to be there for awhile.
  • Contribution
    • Church Provides for avenues for people to feel that they are contributing in some way to their communities. I would estimate that for most churches around 5% or less of them actually participate consistently in contribution. 
  • Growth
    • This is a big one. Every time a deeply indoctrinated person sits down to read the bible they create some new subjective meaning for what they are reading. I know people who have been reading the bible for YEARS. They know that book from cover to cover. And they always feel like they are learning something new. But in reality, they are just connecting ideas in the same way you can make a new shape from play-dough. There is no real growth in reading the bible and learning the stories memorizing the parables. 
    • Growth takes action, and very few religious people see this. 

It Is Happening EVERYWHERE

When your children go off to the marines, when your in high school, when you watch your favorite televisions programs, when your are part of a union or the culture of a company..etc

These principles are at work everywhere.

But the most dangerous mixture is that of religion's recipe. 

The best thing you can do if you don't have the time to learn about everything that is happening is to become NAZI like in thinking critically and testing every assumption you come into contact with. Trace everything's cause and effect. Keep your ground in reality and you won't get brain washed. 

In Conclusion

Music can have an incredible amount of power on the effect of a persons emotions. And having that in combination with the church experience and the worship experience because of all these hypnotic principles in play... its obvious to see that the second a person walks into a church, they have stepped into a gigantic washing machine. A washing machine that has washed the brains of people for hundreds of years now. Don't be a part of this brain washing, and realize these effects outside the church as well. 

Be a seeker of truth. Test your assumptions. Don't get brainwashed.



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