Friday, February 11, 2011

The Significance of Practicing Being Centered for the Liberated or Otherwise Being a Useless Sheep

Was listening to a video by this dude nicknamed manwhore. He was talking about the main aspects of being a leader and mentioned how the first aspect he felt was being able to choode the way react to things. Instead of reacting by impulse he was talking about becoming centered enough to see clearly and make the most appropriate action.

I stopped watching there with another hour and 30 minutes left and let my mind drift.

My question has been What do i have to see in order to care about the world? What must i see to feel a burning desire to want to spend the remaining time i have alive helping people?

More importantly i asked myself What do the liberated need in order to care? To take action? To do it without anyone pushing them but to be pushing this ship on their own accord?

I found that the problem is focus. Lack of centeredness. I dont think you can actually stay centered in the truth... see the state of the world... and NOT at least feel obligated to do something.

Sure... you might not feel that at the beginning but after realizing the universes meaninglessness you might be led to see something important.

After seeing that everything is one thing aka the universe

After seeing that there is no you

After letting that shit set in you have a choice of either floating off to ever look at it again or choosing a code of action

Because as long as your awake you have a tremendous amount of power in the clarity that is created.

You can now act less on emotion and more on rationale. But if your not awake your floating and reacting... your essencially a waste of liberation.

If your not centered in rationale you cant focus because your emotions will dictate what is important.

If your emotions dictate where your focus goes your pretty much gaurenteed to be a floating sheep pushed and pulled by arbitrary cognitions, external influences, and developed habits. Your walking in a daze. Your pretty much fucked.

So a lack of center = lack of clarity = lack of focus = lack of right action = fucking uselessness.

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