Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No-You, No-One at All, No God, No Soul

Recently I read a post from Ciaran from Ruthlesstruthdotcom.blogspot.com that I felt compelled to reply to. This is the comment I left him. I'm posting it here mostly for my own records and I guess for anyone who might find it interesting and cause them to think about these things as well.

Here is the link to the post I replied to. http://ruthlesstruthdotcom.blogspot.com/2011/03/act.html

Here is my reply.

I once heard someone say something that intrigued me and later I understood fully what he was seeing to say it. The basic thing he said was "I'm am the experience of Nick's life." But even more accurately the truth is there is just an experience of the universe though the faculties of a human called Nick. 

You articulated it really well and it is very intense to be reminded of as I see this and let it sit in the back of my mind. I really assumed that it is inevitable for anyone to see the same as they continue to keep looking. 

This is what led me to say that there is no soul. If there were one, there would just be one soul. And even then I'm not really sure what it would matter.

This is the main thing that has caused me to do something else that was initially very scary.. and thats to consider God a lie in sorts. A personification of ideal attributes with no physical properties. Nowhere to be found in the territory but as a thin core thread in the fabrics of our maps. 

Without the elusive sensation of a higher purpose emanating from a fear to let go of the God idea, I'm forced to be stripped of all my ideals to consider values which strictly align with the goal for myself and humanity to thrive. 

That's where it all comes full circle... and plunges me into the virtues of many of the judeo-christian teachings. 

However, Should there be a higher power, it is one that that has physical properties and attributes much more presently powerful than that of humans. And had these teachings come from such a higher power a long time ago, it would make sense to scare humanity into sound conduct. Perhaps as an experiment or maybe the best option available given the biological nature of man.

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