Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Will

Its interesting because there are modes the mind can get into that can shift everything a person feels about what the best of life IS.

I hate to bring it up but Tyler actually came up with something that sort of explains in theory how a person's idea of what the best of life is changes.

I've experienced a bunch of different modes of these kinds. One is where I'm partying so much all of a sudden I feel like thats all there is to do in life, and I'm thus inclined to align everything for that. Unrealistic, yes.

Then I recently got into a small fight where I drew blood from the other person. The aftermath left me with thoughts swirling in my head that joining the military would be a fuckin rad idea. Again, not grounded in reality.

I sat around thinking about my future and where I wanted to go for awhile and then all of a sudden studying and forsaking fun time was in my best interests while avoiding confrontation is ideal as well.

Another time I went to a Tony Robbins Convention where the end was primarily talking about health. They use a LOT of hypnotic principles in those events and I have a hunch that its that combined with my own enthusiasm that drove me to become a raw vegan for the next 3 months or so despite hating the taste of raw veggies. After some time I started to LOVE it and would get sick eating anything remotely acidic.

This brain is constantly shifting its ideas of what the best of life IS.

So in essence it seems like the dominating desires of the mind set the context for what the best of life is.

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