Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Will 2

actually, come to think of it... absolutely everything from the past adds up to every moment. Everything that happens, no matter what anyones 'choices' are.. it happens as a result of what has already happened and has been experienced.

So sure there are subjective choices, but objectively, people will do what they do because of everything that is prior.

what we choose is the same as everything happening.

I noticed this when I do something I regret and I think back, there are a million things to blame, either saying "I wish I had done this, thought that, been stronger...etc" and then things like "He should'nt have said this, done that, been so weak...etc"

But those things were so for a reason. And its the same with everything we do. There really isn't any control. A person becoming aware of something may or may not take action. A person under pressure may choose on outcome from another depending on a multitude of variables.

Its not 100% predictable but there are patterns we can study based on all these things.

There's no free will. Everything we do is motivated and shaped by the variables that govern the human experience.

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