Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What does it Take to see?

I just realized... It takes the same effort and focus to learn something like biology or mathematics as it does to see that there is no self. The only difference is that all that there is to use to see it is right in front of us and all around us.

It just takes a steady focus of attention and honest look at what is true about people and where the idea of 'self' is derived from. Then there is a need to consider if what the conclusion is is really true.

So simple.

So in a way, yes, thinking is what can lead a person to liberation. But thinking by observation and testing assumptions. Not by toying with old assumptions or being distracted with ideas about god.

Its kind of funny actually how when I say "there is no you" I sometimes get people saying "THERE IS A GOD!" when I didn't say anything about that. lol its like this idea of self is literally tied into the very root of al exsitence in their minds.. that is GOD. Its a sub-conscious thing that jumps out so vapidly.

I love this phrase that I heard someone once say. "To think about self is to star vapidly at the finger pointing".. Another version of this that makes it more clear is like saying that the moon is the finger that points at it.

This isn't even philosophy to me. This is just a matter of fact. Like HURRDURR.

Formula for seeing No You
When I say that there is no self its the same thing as saying you = 0. The equation is a - b -c -d -e -f -g and all those variables are every single thing that consititues the idea of self. The human experience. Anything with "I" attached to it. Me, Mine...etc

So simple.

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