Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Non-official SM Blueprint

  1. Lay the Foundation
    1. Objectives: Get seeker seeing properly, understanding the procedure, and taking it extremely seriously.
  2. Expose the Matrix
    1. Have the seeker understand the difference between subjective and objective reality.
    2. You can do this by asking questions about thoughts and emotions in their physical form. 
    3. This gets them seeing like a 'scientist'
  3. Gather the Pillars
    1. The goal here is to cover some elements that up hold the self concept. 
    2. Ask questions that force the seeker to see the objective influences on these subjective elements.
    3. Normally you can start with any element saying "What are some elements that influence...."
    4. Some people will start to tell you personal details. Stop them from doing that. This isn't a bonding session. I do that because it feels nice. But its not necessary and can even be counter productive. If you act like a nazi they will take it more seriously. Just don't beat the fuck out of them. Simply stop them and tell them to focus on identifying elements or factors of influence. 
    5. Gather as many pillars as you can in the time that you have. 
  4. Set Up For the Kill
    1. Set up for the kill by asking them to identify some elements that make up a self concept
    2. Have them tell you for certain where this concept is located
  5. Administer Lie Fatality
    1. Ask them to identify the 'who' in anything. 
    2. The best single question at this point for me has been "who drive the brain?"
I may have missed something and I'll come back here and update this later on. 

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