Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Little Convo On SM

Trying to show this to others. It is sooo hard for me.
People are so %'!D!
it was for all of us
yea I know
Lying to your face, changing their answers all the time really doing anything else than just looking
When you liberated me it was just easy, your technique is quite good.
yea, you should use the same one
its makes things easier
but its like your copyright
try it man
I'm doing what I can to 'get it away from me' so that everyone else can be using it
if it works, I want everyone using it
like upgrading from a dagger made from rocks to a golden gun
first you ask what influences emotions, than thoughts, than self
I've been changing it around a lot
to find an effective way to go about it
lets start with the end in mind
and work backwards
first we know that there is no 'you'
normally people think that the concept they have about themselves is the 'you'
we need to define that
so we do
a few things at a time
lets say we take memories
we reduce them to thoughts
by first defining what thoughts are
we do the same for emotions
the important thing is to have them see for themselves the objective influences of life upon all these elements
to get them to see how this 'self concept' exists in the mind
and how it's pretty much a product of the life liived beforehand
so then when this is established
without ever ever ever saying "there is no you"
we simply ask them "Who does the self concept belong to?"
or something like that
if they looked properly

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