Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saving The World vs. Taking Over The World

This might be too deep for most newcomers here. Although anyone who's been in this for awhile might have wrestled with this thought a bit. I know the very hope that it's possible has saved an incredibly influential and inspiring life.

How many people have tried to 'save the world'?

Lets peel it back a bit and let say My goal were to save the world from obesity. More specifically, the United States.

Everyone knows that the only way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. I can offer the world a sensible diet, and a reasonable exercise routine they can do with only 30 minutes at home every day.

If everyone in america were to do this, the US would be free of obese people.

What stops them?

Here's a different question.

What stops people from being empathetic towards others?

Honestly, that's just a habit to catch on to. You can practice it routinely until it sticks. Besides that, it's something that could change anyone's life around almost immediately. Forgiveness comes easier with empathy.

Especially when that empathy is rooted in reality/truth. When you realize that humans are just biological machines running processes it's easy to understand that a persons behavior is the product of something they've been through. You can always blame a 'process' for someone's behavior.

Here's a hint on understanding 'no you'. If you can always point to a process, then when is there ever a 'them','me', or 'you'?


I want to save the world.

And I here the words "Those who have ears, hear!" by Jesus.

When I used to be a die hard christian I realized something. I realized that if EVERYONE were to follow the values Jesus taught, the world would be a very lovely place.

They are simple values and they are pretty much common sense.

But I look around I see that people are afraid of reality.

I also see that people are sheep.

I also see that people are just as chaotic as the universe.

I also see that people are just as magnificent as the universe.

This is because I see that people and the universe are the same thing.

But I still know that the only reason anyone does absolutely anything at all is because of the feeling it gives them. It's either freedom from pain or a movement towards pleasure of some kind.

Remove emotion and feeling from humans and there ceases to exist a reason to be alive.

Remove emotion and the ability to feel pain or pleasure and a human is no more loving than a computer.

There would just be the brain and it's ability to make calculations, store memories, assign meaning to things...etc

Except the entire world would be put on mute. It would be the equivalent of death sustaining consciousness.

Why then, I ask, is there any reason to save the people of the earth?

There is no ultimate meaning to life.

There is no final destination. There's no reason to do anything at all except because of the forces of nature, being the human condition.

In the end, humans are no more smarter than a flower that blossoms for the sun. We react and LIVE for stimulus, whether that stimulus is to help others or ourselves.

I"m trying to find a REASON to save the world.

And the only REASON I can find is this.

I see the world how I want it to be. I also see its current state. This dual perception causes an willingness to take action in order to close the incongruousness.

In the same way an artist know what he wants to create by holding an image of it in his mind. he then places is brush against the paper until the canvas resembles the image in his mind as best as his skills allow.

This is the only reason I can find. There is no reason for it, other than for the creation its self. And I don't know of any other being that currently has the capacity to run a process which will allow this type of motivation to exist.

The one thing that stops me is the lack of confidence. The vision isn't something that consumes me. For some reason, I have no hope. I have no faith in such a molding of the world.

Instead of being motivated by the incongruousness I'm discouraged when I see how wide that gap really seems.

There are about 6 billion people on the planet. I can't even change the two people living in my own home. And the first person I know that needs to change is me if I'm gonna 'save the world'... or more specifically, show the world a better way of living so that there are no countries. No religions, no segregation or selfishness.

My hope is that the book of revelation is true. That there will be an end to human civilization so that only those who fit an ideal society would be saved and allowed to begin the world's population again.

This is where the war between feeling and logic collide.

Feeling, particularly for me of compassion, doesn't wish such a terrible experience. Logic knows it is necessary.

Today I saw a bird.

It was on the mulch next to the sidewalk inside a shopping center, just sitting there gawking away. I thought it was strange it wasn't hoping around and flying away when I stood so close to it. When I took a closer look at it I realized both of it's legs were broken and bent forward.

The gawking was actually cry's of agony. Someone has seen the poor bird and stupidly left it water in a little cup. I called animal rescue but their answering system was not working properly, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. I thought about calling the police but I feared they'd charge me for a non human emergency.

I knew that the only option would be to kill the bird myself.

I didn't do that. I walked away.

Logic knew best. Emotion conflicted and kept me from freeing this bird from it's condition.

Right now, I can almost be sure that bird is still sitting in that drive way, probably to sore to cry anymore, almost 12 hours later as people just walked by all day and looked for maybe 5 seconds to leave it there.. and now alone in an empty parking lot.

Fuck. I feel so bad for that damn bird.

Yes. It's emotion that makes us human. It's what gives color and definition to the word 'life'.

Yet all this doesn't give an answer to the question of HOW someone can free the fucking world.

How can you change shitty people into good people? How?

It seems that Muslims have an pretty good idea.

Have a tightly wound culture and religion. Then make it's women have as many children as possible.

The result, overcome the world by population.

Raise generation after generation until only a 100-200 years later the world will be controlled nearly 100% by Muslims.

Now that is smart. They are taking over the world with a process that outlives it's creators. That really seems to be the only way as far as I'm concerned.

It's just easier to overcome the world with your people than to try and change the existing people there.


  1. Powerful stuff. Had any more insights into this since posting? (only just through the gate here)

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I'm always having insights about all kinds of things. You'll be having them as well. It's just the nature of being free.