Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Core Mechanism To Human Misery

It seems to actually just be the nature of being alive as a human.

Just think about it...

If you could feel no pleasure or pain whatsoever where does your motivation to live reside?

The fact is that people seek pleasure or pain through a myriad of ways.

Some people happened to derive pleasure from doing things which are beneficial to other humans. Others derive pleasure from doing things that harm other humans or the world.

People do what they do because they seek pleasure in some shape or form. Whether it be enduring pain today in order to attain pleasure in the future, or running away from pain.

Its a simple system at the core.

Is this true?

Yes, its true at the core of things. Just because there is a complex organic computer sitting modifying the behavior of a human makes them no different from less sophisticated beings that also seek pleasure and the reduction of pain.

That's the only difference.

Spend even one hour observing this and you'll see that it's true.

At the core humans are no more profound than dogs or mice.

So, what then, is the cure to human cruelty?

There is no cure for that.

There is only the molding of new generations and hoping for the best.

I'm convinced that this was the aim of religion. To scare less knowledgeable humans into living in a way that was most beneficial for the whole with the hope of a future pleasure called heaven and blessings on earth.

Thus, I think truth, moral living, and a healthy lifestyle is not only the only anecdote for human inflicted misery, but the only way for humans to thrive and to unite as a single global tribe.


  1. Yep that was the entire reason for religion, I agree with you there mate!

  2. We are back on www.truthstrike.com, still doing this, except without the shitty attitude and all that kill the lie bullshit. Be good to see you over there, your insight was great, we could use your talents.