Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living with Enlightenment

There are levels of enlightenment that, without hitting them all, can cause you to feel extreme anxiety or depression.

One level is realizing everythings meaninglessness.

I spoke with someone recently who told me he felt EXTREME anxiety when he thought about a realization he had.

That's because he never hit the 2nd level.

That's the realization that there's no you.

It's when you EXPERIENCE this realization that the meaninglessness doesn't affect you. Instead the fulfillment you feel is euphoric. Its a sense of being complete. You are so light that you're being, soul, whatever you want to call it, 'expands' like a vapor.

I've been to the point of nearly crying from being so complete. So light and full all at once.

I havn't found a way to harness it's power into something useful just yet, besides just feeling complete. I suppose this is the point of focusing on it more often.

It's wierd because focusing on 'it' is focusing on everything at once. You become very present as a result. it's just the nature of the realization its self. But it's not the same as just being present.

Absolutely every thought that you have is arbitrary.

It's got nothing to do with the realization.

You can decide to save the world. To be a killer. To be a president. To be a great person. To be a bum. It doesn't matter.

You can even harness habits of focus and concentration from meditation or w/e.. but this isn't the same.

This isn't a skill.

Although it can be a habit.

And by looking at it, you'll have a clarity that is a simple as turning on a light in a dark room.

But no one will understand you.

You'll be speaking in morse code. You'll be tapping to a song they've never heard be assuming they'll know which song it is.

It's literally impossible for them to get.

If you don't yet see this... and you want to see it.. just ask yourself these questions...

What influences thoughts? What influences identity? What influences feelings? If you start to see how all these things interact with each other, you'll essentially expanding your awareness.

At some point there will be nothing left to see, and it will be impossible not to realize the absence of a 'you'. 

If you believe in magic or spiritual things you'll probably never get this. Those beliefs will distract you. Your emotions will distract you.

The key is to observe. Not to rationalize. Just observe the cause and effects of everything in those questions.

Have fun.

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