Monday, May 14, 2012

Mechanics of a religion

Religion is any subjective constructs people use to explain things they don't understand.

For example...

Religious creations are things like using the concept of spirits for emotion. Spirit of joy, spirit of depression..etc

Not understanding the phenomena of having a conscience and intuition becomes the holy spirit.

Sicknesses and psychological disorders become demon possessions.

Weather phenomena becomes explained with Gods of thunder, rain, wind or whatever else.

The phenomena of romantic love becomes the god of love.

Winning wars becomes the influence of a god of war.

A lack in understanding of personality becomes explained with the stars.

You see... people want to understand the universe around them. They want to assign everything a meaning. And once a basic concept is established it becomes the central corner stone with which they assign meaning to everything.

The idea of a spirit can be used to explain nearly anything emotional and psychological.

The idea of a heaven and hell is used to explain the events that take place after death.

The idea of a god is used to explain the meaning of a persons life, and the unexplainable events that happen to them through out their lives.

These are habits people have formed since the beginning of human evolution.

When humans were still hunter gather's they'd create concepts that seemingly explained the patterns they discovered when they hunted. They'd be looking for the next supernatural theory that would give them an edge in hunting and surviving by doing things like painting their faces and dancing like the animal they wish to capture.

Religious concepts are just that, a type of wild guess to explain the unexplainable.

As you can see, humans have not yet fully grown out of this.

We are still shedding our skin of ancient habits to explain the unexplainable with magical ideas that are passed on to us in the form of books like the Bible, Qu'ran or the Torah, astrology, demonology, jainsim, buddhism, or even in things like psychic powers or auras.

I believe this a huge habit that humans must break in order for our species to evolve into a new era.

It's not religion that is the problem.. its the level of thinking... which happens to be an ancient habit.

When charles darwin decided to observe nature and eventually created a theory to explain what he saw, he was using a new level of thinking.. a new behavior that is not the default habit of most people today... to question and observe instead of guess and believe.

Think of all the things people are trying to explain with magical ideas and concepts.

This is the basis for religion.

Once these ideas latch on to answer things like "who am I?", "What is the purpose of my life?" it becomes very difficult to shake those beliefs.

No one wants to toss out their frame of reference. No one want to believe the map they've followed for years does not accurately reflect the territory lest they've wasted their time and precious years.

Unfortunately there are people out there who profit by perpetuating this level of thinking in others. People like John Edward or any pastor, reverend, or so called psychic, palm reader...etc

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