Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rant on religion again

Anyone who believes in god only believes because they are scared that when they die NOTHING HAPPENS.
They also want to believe in god because otherwise they'd suddenly be stuck with the conclusion that there IS NO MEANING TO LIFE.
Unfortunately these people tend to live as if there is an eternity, and lose their life trying to find it. They're scared of the light and prefer to be in close minded darkness. They prefer not to seek truth and find it. These are the simple minded who fall in the ditch. The very people Jesus spoke against and down upon. But they'll never ever know that their pastors are the wolves in sheeps clothing, making a wonderful living off of a scared and superstitious people. A church is usually a place of weak, broken, and uncertain people... the easiest to prey upon.
Why is it so hard to accept that nothing happens when you die? Why is it so hard to realize there's no meaning to life outside our own mental abstractions of life?
Is it really that difficult to appreciate the beauty of the natural world? Is it that hard to realize and accept that death is merely a part of a recycling process in nature?
Why do people still think that spirits and souls exist?
If a single solar flare from the sun wiped out the entire earth like the sweeping of a grain of sand into a dust pan...Oh, yea sure. We'd all be flying through space like "WTF HAPPENED?" as other invisible angles direct everyone across the galaxy to some magical domain called the gates of heaven or w/e where, 1 by 1 we'd all be waiting in a gigantic fucking line waiting to find out if our names are in a massive book of names, and if not be hauled off by red demons to a firey place.

Yea, and thugs mansion exists, as does jack's bean stalk, and joans acid trip in the belly of a FISH, leprachons, and the tooth fairy, santa, fucking santaria, and harry potter is the devil.