Monday, April 2, 2012

Reply to a Christian's Testimony

I understand. You knew me when I was most passionate for god. Remember that. Also just know that I never stopped questioning. Thanks for caring about me enough to say something.

Living a drug-free life, a life with people who love you and support you and understand you, a life with meaning and purpose that you find by following your heart, a life of vibrant health, a life feeling total acceptance and love for yourself and a joy just to be alive, the ability to be more than fulfilled wherever you are in life... these are all possible without a belief in god or jesus.

In fact, I believe that the idea of god is a psychological crutch for humanity to use to move towards what I just described. Those who participate in "everything that is good, everything that is clean and worthy and praise" feel the healthy results of doing so. So it's not a supernatural result of a god. It's a very natural result.

It's possible to be happy without any drugs, alcohol, television, power, wealth, sex, or anything that people use to stimulate themselves.

It's not an issue of not having a god or relationship with jesus. It's an issue of searching for stimulation for fulfillment.

Watch, just like me, or anyone else I've ever known... you will search for ways to stimulate yourself with god. You will go to church and pray until you cry and shake. you will read books and the bible and constantly feel like your learning something(stimulation in the form of feeling like your growting or discovering something profound). You will feel like you belong to something greater than yourself and so you'll be inclined to becoming part of a church (stimulation from a group of people who understand you and accept and love you)... You'll feel the rush of having a crowd of people listen to you as you preach to them with passion. And if you're like me, you'll even think you can speak in tongues, which in its self comes with the stimulating feeling of holyiness and righteouness and a rush when your with other people so that you're only deeper in a trance, crying and shaking and pushing so you feel it even more and more powerfully.

Do you see? Emotional stimulation.

A naturally induced drug.

If you want to simply trade your stimulation for a different kind, then dive right in.

With a life like that you're mind is closed and, ironically enough, full of darkness to the light of reality.

Do you want to know what truth is instead of just having more stimulation?

Truth is indestructible.
Truth doesn't need a defender
Truth exists whether you see it or not.
Truth is unversal, anyone who seeks it can find it, no matter if they live in a cave in afganistan, or in the middle of NYC, or on a farm with some Amish people....
And best of all, truth doesn't require faith to be true.

There is a process of finding it though. The process is taking what you believe and putting it into the fire so that what is true remains. Questioning it. Testing it. Observing it. Being extremely critical for a long period of time.

Can you do that?

Can you put your beliefs into the fire?

If not, you care more for stimulation than truth.

If you are too scared to question then you're literally the very person Jesus described who is afraid... of the light.

haha, and here is the zinger...

Have faith. If you seek, you will find.

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  1. And what is the reply she gives me? A entranced zombified nonsense. She wasn't ready for it. I know what its like though. She'll remember this and she might come back to it to read it. Hopefully facebook doesn't delete it.