Friday, June 15, 2012

Enlightenment Though Thinking - What Meditation Really Is


It's so elusive.

Eckhart Tolle says "Be the observant mind" and others say "Meditate upon such and such idea".

Well, to be perfectly honest, my big realization came from thinking.

"But how could thinking make this so?!"

I really don't feel like going into the nitty gritty details of the processes in my own mind at the moment.


It worked for me, and it's worked for others.

The key to doing this is to ask "Is what I'm seeing in my mind really absolutely true?". The more honest you are with yourself about what you see, the better.

The concepts that are also known metaphorically as 'gates' to the big pictures that you can ponder on while your sitting alone, waiting for a bus...etc include the following, but aren't limited to these. I'm just writing the one's that lead me to the same place.

1. There is no 'you'.

Realizing this, or any other little phrase, is a process that takes time. You have to sit down alone and think about absolutely everything that defines you. Then trace every idea, every story, value, personality trait..etc back to it's 'source'. When you do this you will find that 100% of the time it all leads back to some physiological thing. So you can start with your life stories. You can even start with pondering the illusion of the phrase "I value my life". Surely 'life' and 'I' aren't two separate things, are they?

2. Consider the Emptiness of Everything

One of the more incredible things one can do is study the structure of an atom.

After a while, scientists began to realize that an atom, in actuality, is made up of mostly empty space. The parts that make them up (protons, neutrons and electrons) compose only a tiny fraction of the total atom. The nucleus, in fact (which is where 99.9% of all the mass is located) is roughly ten thousand times smaller than the total size of the atom.
Read more at Suite101: The Scale of Atoms: Gaining a Perspective of Atomic Sizes |

3. Disbelieve You're Thoughts

The person I got this from used it to say it would produce instant enlightenment. Well, it doesn't. Instead it puts you into the present moment and quiets the mind very rapidly. I've used it to reach the state of consciousness of 'no mind' pretty quickly and gain some insights.

What are some other 'gates' that you've heard of, or used to see the big picture?

The key to doing this is to ask "Is what I'm seeing in my mind really absolutely true?". The more honest you are with yourself about it, the better.

Now, I won't jumpt to assume that that is the only type of meditation. I'm sure there are others which are designed to do specific things. I'm not very schooled on these either.

What are some awesome topics to ponder

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