Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Next Phase

I'm entering a new arena.

Well, sort of.


Not the airy fairy stuff about ch'i and all that bullshit.

I'm talking about this idea of 'becoming one with the tao'.

These dudes have been around for -fucking- ever and so I decided to once again do some experimentation.

I've found something here that is very, verrry sweet. Very subtle. And it's like the pin that brings all dots together seamlessly.

I don't know how to really describe what is happening to me, and yes I zenned out for awhile, but there is something else happening in the way my RAS has shifted.

Remember Ecky's "Acceptance" thing?

Well it's like that on steroids.

Basically what the "Tao" is, is absolutely everything in the universe as it changes and flows and moves. This is my interpretation of the beginning of the definition of the Tao since it's undefinable. lol How can you define something that never stays the same? yea, yea, I know you can poke some holes in that statement but I guess it's got something to do with the translation.

Anyways, anyone who is liberated by me or from someone from the old Ruthless Truth gang, or even by the groups like Truth Strike, you already have a good clear view of the reality that there is no you.

And so, for me, I realize that my body, brain, thoughts, and all other internal experience, along with my experience of the outer world belong to the universe.

Becoming one with the tao is accepting everything as it is within and without, because, after all, it's all the same shit. (sometimes I cuss out of context to the mood because it's some psychological strategy to 'anchor' that idea a little more deeply into your brain. hehe Jedi Mind tricks at den best, son!)

So everything I"m resisting, be it my own thoughts, motivations, beliefs, habits, desires..etc Or anything that is my present situation... I let it go. I let it be.

Can you guess what happened to me the first time I did this 100%? BOOM! Insane zen!

Now, the motivation here isn't to just zen out like some spiritual junkie.

The point here is to make a point lol - just a second. One more thing -

Buddhist have a main tenet among others like, not killing animals, having compassion for others by understanding yourself...etc which are all great. However this one tenet was interesting: "Avoiding intoxications so to sustain mindfulness".

Wait what?

I'm not trying to point out the 'intoxication' part to refer to drugs or alcohol in anyways.

I'm talking about the fact that they believe we must actively sustain our mindfulness.

The question I asked myself was whether or not there needed to be a habit of some kind... a ritual... a practice that sustains this understanding of the big picture.

I learned something in my religion class that is extremely important.

People move in and out of 'realities' and states of consciousness. Whether it's sleeping, praying, banging, eating, being with friends, being with family, when you have lots of caffein, when your drained of energy, when you just accomplished something...etc

These are alls states of consciousness.

I realized that being in that 'zen' state cannot and will not last forever. It's a state of consciousness.

Even this realization of 'no you' is a state of consciousness. You can't do math, or get sucked into a movie, or have a passionate conversation with a love partner while simultaneously 'zenning'.

Ever notice how when you think of 'no-you' it sucks you into that state so that it is possible to 'see' it?

That's a state of consciousness and simply thinking about 'no-you' is an anchor that takes you back there. Also because you've dwelled on it for so long and all the elements that take you there are still fresh in your mind, it's easy to go in and out of it.

But those elements fade when you haven't thought about them for a while.

So thus, it is necessary to develop a practice to maintain this state of consciousness. But it is also necessary to somehow tie it into your daily life.. Into other states of consciousness.

Hello again, Taosim.

BOOM! As a continual effort to become 'one with the tao' you forced to continually explain everything and accept it all. It 10000 times more powerful when you have all the elements that take you to 'no you' fresh in your mind because it's all that much clearer.

This is a practice. It's something you do have to work towards. Although it's funny because it fulfills the main idea behind wu wie of Taosim with is that in wu wei you 'do nothing yet everything gets done'.

If you try this idea of being one with the tao for yourself you'll see what I mean in the coming weeks.

Anyways. I'm 20 minutes late for my calc class.

Chao homies.

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