Friday, November 30, 2012

The Core of Spirituality

First of all, if you've read my posts you'd know by now that I don't believe anything is spiritual.

I don't think that there is a soul, or that magic, astral projection, ghosts, or anything of the like exist.

So then what is spirituality?

The way that I see it is this:

Spirituality is a practice that is supposed to lead to wisdom or insight into what makes peace possible within a person and a society.

So, according to my observation, wisdom come from two places.

1. Awareness
2. A wide range of experiences

Awareness is like a flashlight in the dark. Without a flashlight it's possible to have many experiences while in the dark. Although that's what religion is for. To illuminate what isn't understood because it is dark.

Awareness is the key, the core, the pinnacle of spirituality and wisdom.

Here's the rub: Awareness isn't something you attain and then forget about.

It's like a tool you must consistently sharpen for the rest of your life.

I've realized this myself by becoming razor sharp in my perception of reality: in my awareness. Out of an incredibly intense desire to see reality as it really is, I burned down many of my assumptions and beliefs about life.

Equipped with a flashlight like this, it becomes possible to see into the illusion of self.

Although, even after seeing through this illusion, it is still necessary to consistently practice meditation and continually sharpen your awareness.

The peace that comes from being free, for me at least, begins to subside if I don't continually meditate.

It's almost as though your mind is a blade that is blunted if it's not continually sharpened.

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