Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hollowed be thy name

I go through periods where I'm lost, looking for the horizon again, and trying to figure out which way is up or down. Then when i find it again (most people never do), I'm in awe. The more accurate way to express this is there just is awe.
But this time its not the kind where your in church, face on the ground, meek before the crowd, and agonizing over an imperfect idea of self; followed by exalted hands and peas for forgiveness towards the sky, to sometimes experience a flood of honor, exhilirated by the thought of a perfect king having compassion on this wretched of a vessle.


How about stepping into a hypothetical void. There is nothing but you. No light, no energy, no people, no elements, no world, sun, family, animals, facebook, friends...etc absolutely nothing.

Lets say that you'll live here in this void indefinitely. Your sense would have nothing to feel, see, hear, taste, touch, smell.... your mind would have nothing to think about, literally. There would not be anyone else for you to base your idea of who you are with.

There would be no you.

There would just be some molecules holding together a body.

There would be processes allowing for the observation of memories before stepping into the void.

Nothing exists inside this void.

You realize the processes of the mind, see how the body's processes works, understand the inheret hollowness of it all.

You see how everything, in real life, happens now, and it happens long after you were ever an idea or even being. Long before matter and energy combined the way it does to produce you... made of phosphorus, oxygen, sulfur, and some other elements.

You see, there is no you. Even if you were the only thing. If there were only one atom, then thats what we'd all be.

But Still, there would be just an atom.

It doesnt matter if there is two atoms.

Or three.

Or an infinite number of them.

Not even if they combine by means of a random pull of electrons and protons.

There would just be combinations.

There would just ne planets and stars.

Just water and trees. Fish, zebras, bacteria, humans, birds, flowers..etc

A bacteria is a living thing. It does what it can to survive. In some cases it just so happens that it evolved in a way that happens to kill its hosts.

In the wild, if zebras end up eating the grass to fast, the other animals may starve as they arent able to compete. Eventually some die, and the slowest to die off might make an evolutionary jump and end up surviving.
But if the zebras werent eaten by lions or didnt die of starvation or disease, there might end up being to many. In the end this would kill the zebras all together.

Humans are an extremely intelligent class of animal.

We dont die off naturally nearly as much as we used to. Its sad when people die beacuse of other people, it really sucks its like this.

But the thing is, if we dont end up killing ourselves by means of using fucking hydrogen bombs (basically house several other atom bombs in case the hydrogen parts dont pack enough of a punch(they are a LOT stronger than a single atom bomb)), then were gonna just die a nice excriciating death, full of swift hurricanes and tycoons, and blazing hot heat waves.... you get the idea.

And honestly, mother nature has been more than patient.

now here is where these two themes Ive presented come together...

If you want the human race to survive, If you want human caused suffering to end, if you want to evolve at all... here is the fucking secret:

Realize you are complete and happy right now.


Well... first it would help if you first realized there is no you. If you dont get it... dont worry about it. Just read this entire post again, and stare at the idea that there is no you, in real life. Its true. In every conceivable way. There literally can't be a you. It just not possible.

With that, you'll be forced to look for truth. Most people arent concerned with truth. I wasn't.

But the cool thing about it is truth isnt something you need to spend 2 years in seminary to pick up or spend thousands of hours moling away in distant library archives to read the original texts or w/e...

Its right in front of you. Its all around and throughout you.

Your brain has developed the capacity to be logical enough to see the truth.

Truth feels no emotion, it knows no master, it is not biased, it is not complex, it is not inconsistent. Truth is not, based on fiction or ideas. Its not a fantastic structure of concepts either.

It is what is and It is empty.

But saying that probably wont mean shit to you.

Go. Let go of your presumptions of what you should think. Let go of what you should feel. Let go of what you think you should know.

Just find a grain of truth and follow it within. Its science 101. Its objective. Its like uncrossing your fucking eyes for the first time.

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