Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've got an attitude

So heres the thing... I really dont feel like sifting through my google reader at the moment cause once again I thuink pujtting down something fresh and carnal and real is much better than rehashing shit that Ive heard before just cause it makes sense to me. For the time being.

Now life.

Is there a mmeaning to it? No. The only meaning it has is the one you place on it. From the universes persepective your the same as the blade of grass in some floridian backyard, or a pile or worms or bundle of orchids.

Life is a giant swirl of molecules that fused together over time. So in essence life is literally a hand full of elements. Life is just the product of the right combinations under the right circumstances. Yes, you are meaningless.

But, there is a bright side to all this. Its in the realization that all this is true, and if you happened to be a person suffering because of their past, or because they aren't the person they thing they should be or have been. If you have self image problems, ego problems, feel directionless, sad because you can't find a purpose... here is your solace: There is no you and there is no purpose. This is true in real life.

Think about it.

Way back when we were cavemen we weren't sitting around thinking "I wonder what my purpose in life is. I'll never amount to anything. I'm a loser." No, They were thinking "Where in the fuck did that gazelle go? I'm so hungry!"

No we are the same as those strong primitive man, and our lifestyles differ in every single way. Every basic need is met. And because every need is met we now have more time to think, Who am I? Whats the purpose of life?

The answers can be found by removing their presuppositions. That there is someone to be, and there there is a meaning.

Now, taking into account all these things, nothing that you do matters. It really has no significance. It just is what it is.

Whatever you wanna do is what it is. If its destructive to humanity, it has consequences. If its destructive towards the environment, it as consequences. If its destructive towards your body, guess what. There are consequences.

With this knowing you can be free to do anything.

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