Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rage Against The Religion

Ok, now today's post is not going to be a pretty one. And albeit, a pretty ugly one. Maybe biased. Maybe very biased. But fuck it. Here it goes.BTW this is a post you'll have to skim through, maybe jump to headings... cause I just go full rampage.

Fantasy Imprisoned People
I recently received a facebook message from a girl from my old church who randomly messaged me out of nowhere, after maybe a year of not speaking, so that she could deliver her bible verse The Lord told her she should share with me. I messaged her back. No reply.

I spoke with another guy from that same church who, despite my constant attempts to show him something obvious, his closed mind to the paranormal.. aka "spiritual" world kept his mind closed. before he shut me out in the defensive way that is CLASSIC to religious people.

Before that I had had a talk with someone about what I believe, only for them to urge me to stop sharing it because it was 'hurting people'... and then I never heard from him again. Its been awhile now. I'll probably not hear from him again. Not even a friendly "hey, how ya doin man, how's everything. I hope your doing great! Lets grab lunch and be normal people for a while"...

I spoke with another girl from the church who said to me "it only makes sense that I would only argue with people who believe what I believe about what I believe." Are you fucking kidding me?

My own family makes these statements that just astound me. Like, how ....UGH... can you be?! I said "the united states was not founded on christian beliefs.

 The founders were anti religious, and ALL were free masons".. my reply is "Oh well then why does it say "In God We Trust" in our money?" I'll tell you why.. Because 100 years after the constitution as written people started to get these retarded ideas and some other retard wrote a letter to and even bigger retard who decided to print money with that statement.

The same retarded mentality that burned people alive for being "witches"... seriously. People still are using the same thinking patterns.

A pastor I knew told me himself "i have self image problems"

Another pastor I know drives TWO HUGE cars. A Yukon, and an Escalade. Wears burberry hats, a gold watch, and I would imagine gator shoes.

 Actually every pastor I know of lives a pretty dank lifestyle. Has a wife and kids.. that kind of thing. All the while my parents were in serious trouble and no one was there to counsel them. to give them REAL guidance.

Why don't they hire people without a family and kids, someone who will "marry the church" instead... and do their jobs fucking correctly?

Instead of singins a few songs, crying like whimps, and then buying the best paintball guns, the best cars, the best houses, the best tiled floors, food....fucking everything for thier families. Where are they when you need them? They are married to their lifestyles and work for the church aka.biznass.

Church Leaders
I never became a church leader. But let me tell you, its a huge load of horse shit. Churchs are always falling apart, merging, separating, competing.....etc
Besides that, unless you have some seriously knowledgeable business people behinds the scenes, your shit is going to collapse. Because its not God who keeps people successful or powerful or organized.. its Knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom.

Does it makes sense that the people who left britain were wise enough to create a consititution that would rise to become the most powerful on the planet? They were obviously on to something. I wonder if they make em' like that anymore.. Nah.. the dumbass who's got the courage to speak up makes the ranks. The biggest people pleasers.

These church leaders I knew. regular people falling victim to a flawed system. A system that will tear your self esteem into shreds and leave you crawling out of the hole for years to come. But, I'm living proof that its possible to shed the shackles of religious dogma off. They are so heavy and sticky!

A... she became a church leader, came from a bad family, dated a good guy from the church, banged her ex, got kicked from leadership role and left that good guy.

M... I dated her. I had sex with her twice after long hours of forplay. She was a dancer at her church and she loved to run around the house waving these colorful blankets that had some meaning her church said they had.

M.... This woman is a fucking pastor... she pretends to limp to the front of the church from the seats during service for prayer. She walked in 100% fine before that. She exlaimed that she felt oil in her hands when the pastor proclaimed god would place oil in the hands of the people God was blessing... Hands are naturally damp for a myriad of reasons. Especially if you WANT it to be true.. there may not be anything different. But you just want there to be.. 

or how about you say NO, fuck that theoretical bullshit. Look at the potentials. the POTENTIALS. Forgiveness is based on POTENTIALS. Not on blind principle. Why won't I say anything though? I'm scared. I'm scared to ruining what might otherwise be a happy relationship. I think she'll leave him anyways... and that she'll actually be happier not knowing those extra lil deets.

J.... Ohhh umm I have self image issues... seriously?

M... idk the full story but she left one of the most respectable guys I ever had at a church... he went down the drain, gained weight... just is depressed. They were married forever and I just... I felt flushed today in class thinking about him cause he ACTUALLY CARED about me and the others at church. His biggest mistake was getting married int he first place. He should have pushed aside the fucked doctrine and married the church instead. Helped the PEOPLE. with a LOVE FOR PEOPLE.. not a love for God. Fuck god. There is none.

Imprisoning Beliefs
Here are some examples of imprisoning verses that will seriously FUCK YOU UP. I'm going to paraphrase because I'm to lazy to look them up. Maybe another time. These are the verses  and or beliefs that I remember holding me back from even questioning...

1. if you deniy the lord your god you will be denied before the father in heaven
2. God makes those who think they are wise foolish, and makes the foolish wise.
3. gods ways are higher than our ways
4. god has a plan for you
5. the end of the world is coming soon
6. the devil puts evil thoughts in your mind
7. jesus was the divine son of god

1,2 and 3 I can remember being the hardest to shake.

The first one was hard because if I questioned it, and I found him not to be real, then if he was real I'd be condemned to burn... only I would not be able to help it because everything tells me he's not fucking real.

Number 3 is one that commonly imprisons people because they stop questioning. They start just blindly following their subjective interpretations of these bible passages... accepting the things that are obviously don't make sense.

Significance of these beliefs on Humanity and Their some Reactions towards its Viral effects
Its like this books was designed this way. I can honestly understand why christians were being exterminated in other countries like north Korea, and what the bible burning was about.

The Irony of it all
I honestly believe that most christians are the very heretics they fear so much. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing. They are the snakes in the garden. But I don't blame them.

I don't even blame the pastors who use these helpless masses of people for their tithes. People are going to believe what they WANT to believe. So why not make a business out of it?

Christian Commericality
I'll happily make a book with endless titles stateng the promisis of God on the cover. The only difference is that I know what I'd be selling these people is a lie disgused as something that will actually help them.

Basically,, take any self help book, find supporting bible verses, and make bold statements about what god wants for you, and VIOLA! yo have Christian literature.

Thats all it is. Rehashed, remashed bible verses and conclusion mixed with shitty self help.

Why do you think there are so many people who just buy and buy and buy?!

Why do you think Joel Osteen puts out so many books, Why the Christian TV channel if loaded with people who use god to tell you you can make a quick buck out of thin air? Not even that, The most successful people in the christian showbiz are those who actually believe their own shit.

Church Camp
Ok, lets shift focus here. lets not look at the sheer lack of intellectual freedom these people are imprisoned from, and look at the church experience.

You go to church camp. You share you most intimate feeling and stories with a bunch of strangers over the course of a weekend or week.

You start to sync your belief systems and share the same experiences together...

and to top it off you have a freedom of expression together with a concert in the morning and at night.

If you were to take god out of the picture, this looks like a pretty dank camp experience either way.

But instead you trade ghost stories with 11 year olds for all powerful imaginary best friends who have the answers to EVERYTHING and who your shouldn't even question cause you inherenetly don't know anything.

You speak in tongues and people freak the fuck out, only further implement a belief that something super natural is taking place... even though tongues is obviously just more bullshit.

The Search for Answers and have the Courage to Find Them
I've done my questioning of the hardest questions. My answers are these...

Is god real? - Nope. He's not real. He's not some powerful silhouette in the sky.

Whats the meaning to life? There is no ultimate meaning. The only meaning there is is the meaning you create for yourself.

There is no "you" behind the question of "who"..... There is nothing magical about it. There is nothing about it. Theres just nothing. Its empty. A void like the space of the inside of a camera where light passes through. Thats all there is.

Get it?  got it?  good.

Some Extra Explanation and My Future Plans
With every shocking point I make, there is a deep basement of extra supporting things behind them that I just gleened over since I just have so much to say on the surface. I could literally write a book. I probably should. But I want to organize these ideas. start a real blog.. and then share it with my old christian buddies. i want to start a fucking MOSH, with me in the middle.

I want them to share it. I want it to go viral. And I want to offer books. And I want them to buy them. And I want to earn commission from them. I'll be profiting from an asset that is a place to argue with people who will run out of gas, and one day have to face the truth.

On Muslims
I wont even bother mentioning muslims here.

1 I don't know enough about them and

2 I'll probably get shot or have acid thrown on me. or both.

3 They might even kidnap my family and have me executed in public. Naw.. that shit never happens!

"Lets just ignore it and pretend it doesn't happen. Its to ugly and no one can do anything about it."

We will come to a point where we will have to eradicate these things from our lives if we want to survive. There may come a day when I will have to become a soldier for truth, and die for the salvation of man kind along with the few brave who will join me.

Though, thats my life potential. I'm a dormant freedom fighter. I know of only a handful of other who may be as well. Someday a situation may force me into standing as a martyr. Just standing is all it takes. and guess what. Thats where Nick will end. The experience of the universe from that perspective (Nick) will no longer be. And that is all that will ever happen to Nick. There wont be some magical transfer into space to some utopia or opposite of. Thats what will happen if the world is wiped out. The universe will no longer experience its self from the trillions of perspectives that is life. That is a shame. That is worth saving. 

ENOUGH! Just Fucking Grow up or DIE.

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